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I'm so happy

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jjwacker, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. I've been saving for 3 months, and i'm finally getting a 4 foot bong, and an ounce of dank kb to break it in today!:)
  2. A 4fter! nice man I am currently doing the same thing saving up for a nice 4-5fter.

    Enjoy it!

    Post some pics when ya get it I would love to see it :smoke:
  3. ohhhh man thats exactly what i want. ive got a feeling that next month im gonna try and get my hands on one. you must be saving for a nice GonG are you? pics when you pick it up!!!
  4. yea make sure u post pics of the bud and the bong.

    and im planning on saving for a nice RooR once i get my new job.
  5. I did that once..and then it SMASHED when I fell skating with it 10 minutes after I baught it..:mad: 280 bucks down the fucking drain..ehh good karma will come my way hopefully
  6. were u literally skating with it?? why

  7. He means he was on his skateboard with the bong and he broke it.
  8. yeah it was in a backpack and this kid stopped in front of me and I was blazed and didn't see him and hit his right foot with my wheels. Fell forward and the bong just smashed in many peices..
  9. That sucks man, live and learn right, I doubt you'll try that again.

    Im trying to stop until 4/20 and save my money, gonna buy a new bubbler and how ever much dank I can afford. I'll probally just smoke 10 bags here and there with friends.

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