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Im so fucked up.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by I Toke Alone, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. If you missed my thread yesterday well, I haven't smoked a sativa in years. Only indica and the body high from the indica actually gave me anxiety. This stairs is blowing my mind. I got half oz green crack yesterday and it's such a diff experience.

    I smoked a bowl of it out of my pipe and started sweeping this checkered floor in an office building while I listened to Psychedelic music. I started to freak out because the high is so strong but I just let myself go with it. I started to feel like I was inside some cube.

    I just realized I've been sweeping for 30 mins and I've just been basically pushing the dirt piles around in circles. What the fuck.

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  2. This sativa fucks up my mind but also I keep getting this physical buzzing/numb sensation in my head/neck/face. Is this normal for a sativa?
  3. Lol

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  4. Slackin on the job.. tisk tisk
  5. Hope your doing OK man. But I gotta admit you made me laugh haha.
  6. new gc logo

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  7. I like checkered floors
  8. I feel like I'm a Knight on a chessboard about to check mate a mother fucker.
  9. Lol it sounds like you had zero tolerance to sativa haha. It can get pretty trippy with strong doses of sativa.
  10. Jump over those pawns, checkmate that motherfucker.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  11. Man, I haven't even been outside yet high on sativa. I just looked out the window and everything looks so different. I feel like I'm in a movie. Everything is very dramatic and dreamlike. This Psychedelic Pandora station I'm listening to is making this very intense.
  12. I want to find the Queen and fuck her. I want to introduce my hardness to the Highness.
  13. I need to go walk outside and for some reason in paranoid as fuck and am having a hard time making myself go.
  14. I had some really sweet Sativa back in the day, got my brother in-law high as a kite....he went out to cut the grass at my Grandmothers house...20 minutes in she calls me over to the window and asked me "is he retarded?" Dude was cutting across the yard at an angle, had a spiral cut in the center of it and shit was all wonky....As we were watching he ran over a dog chain and the mower pulled him off of his feet as it wound up the chain....She was laughing as hard as I was....
     So I go out and ask him if he is OK...He's like "Man I'm so fucked up I can't figure out the best way to cut this shit".....Really? A fucking spiral? You started thinking a spiral cut might work? Took him four hours to cut a half acre in the back.. I cut 3/4's on the front and side in 45 minutes...and I had trees and bushes to contend with. Later on we blazed again and went to the go-cart track and he wrecked the fucking cart so bad they were threatening to sue him...LOL Fairing was busted off, and the frame was bent all to shit ... He only did three laps. He wouldn't toke any of that sack with with me again and became an indica man....
    Just repeat this phrase out loud to any one you meet............. "My Dixie wrecked, my Dixie wrecked, my Dixie Wrecked."
  16. Just go walk around for a bit. It will feel like everyone is looking at u but they're not, so just ignore it. Enjoy the beauty in nature. Look up at the sky and the trees. Go to the park maybe and just chill out. :smoke:
  17. Oh yeah, I remember how that used to feel. Indica doesn't make things trippy or anything. Imo it's boring as fuck compared to sativa. My whole day has felt like some epic adventure and I've literally done nothing but smoke and listen to Psychedelic music all day..
  18. I just left this store and as I walking out some lady was walking in so I grabbed the door and tried to open it at the same time as her and it was like an awkward tug a war and of course I'm the idiot whose pulling trying to open the door the wrong way. That was embarrassing.
  19. First time smoking a glass bong (also very new to weed) I smoked outside in a forest on some green crack. Best day ever

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