Im so fucked up right now...

Discussion in 'General' started by illcid, Oct 4, 2003.



  1. too insecure, your cool

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  2. stfu

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  1. Hey whats up guys, im so fucked up right ow and I think I want to hear from all the fucked up people out there! I want a voice!

    also, you have to be really fucked up if you type anything. It will make this thread really fucked up for the's to later look back on.

    peace thomas
  2. omg the umpa-lumpas are taking over!

  3. how do you know they already haven't... wahahahaha caugh caugh hahahahahah :D

  4. dude oyr avatra is a umpa lumpa man! hell yeah! Umpa lumpa rocks and if you dont have one on your avatar your not cool, nah were all cool!
  5. lol was goin on peeps. seems weird most of you wil be reading this in the future. strange really, how you can write something now but you will only recieve my writing in the future. hmm, im pretty fucked up right now so this thread looked inviting ahhhhhha. peace 
  6. Ive never been "fucked up" from weed. Am I doing it wrong?
  7. Psh, obviously you don't ingest it rectally.
  8. aaaaaaaahhhh
  9. I read this thread over 3 times and I still don't understand what it's trying to say. Idk i am so fucking high right now and hungry
    Me too. Maybe that's the point. he knows we're high so we cant understand.
    my conspiracy theory
  11. daaaamn, all these thread hunters are just having the damndest luck reviving some old ass threads....them stoney nights doe.
  12. Trina r34d th1es thiengs aryeh so hawrd tehh roeahd itejs injsayne.

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