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  1. Ok so I originally planted 12 bagseeds expecting for atleast half to be males... This is my first grow so I didnt expect it to go that great... Im in week 2 of my flowering stage and in the first week I had 1 male and 2 died leaving me with 9 plants... So far this week I have 7 females, I REPEAT 7 FEMALES, and 2 unknowns that I am pretty sure are showing female signs... Im excited so I figured i would share
  2. thats awesome man, 4 days it took for my new groth to show signs of female i can see the hairs and yeah i nearly jumped for joy.
  3. congrats. pics?
  4. ^^^ I wish I had a camera... but the camera phone is broken... Thanks for the feedback though guys
  5. Nice dude. Be patient! Don't get too excited and harvest early! Pics?
  6. Im definately not gonna harvest too early... lol... I am a very patient person... lol

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