i'm so excited.. just can't hide it?

Discussion in 'General' started by phlatbeats, Feb 24, 2001.

  1. i'm out of a dry spell.. and i'm so happy to be high, i thought i would share my news with all of you friendly people.

    and just to celebrate, i would smoke you all out! umm, so have a toke of my cyber weed! cheers!
  2. Phlat!

    Enjoy! I'm dry tonight, dinner with my parents :(


  3. i got some too, platbeats! the next spliff is for you!
  4. I just scored up an ounce of hydro, dont know what strain but it's nice I love getting hydro :D
  5. What made you post in a 4 year old thread??

    haha but yea..

  6. wish you may need to edit your sig so that your pic is sideways... cause that may be too big... im just letting you know
  7. yea the rules probally changed in the last 4 years
  8. doubt he even posts here anymore
  9. Lucky its still mad dry here and i am ready to kill someone I can still get weed but its hard

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