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Im sketchin...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DelicateFew6521, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Hey All. I bought this expensive pot today for 30 a gram. On the way home my friends and I were being followed by a cop for about 20 minutes. I put it in my sock and he finally got off our backs with no problems.

    My worry is the nug. Its all grinded up in fine particles and Im pissed bigtime. Is it gonna be alright for use in a pot \ shisha mix in my new hookah? I know its a stupid question but I just want to be sure for the price.

  2. 30 a G? Holy shit bro I pay maximum 20 a G and it better be fucking good weed. Yeah mix it in with your hooka and fucking let the good times roll man. :):smoke:
  3. i would use a screen so none of that precious bud is wasted.
  4. Yeah I laughed at my friend when he said 30 a G but this is some good weed. I've been looking at it for a while and I think it should do just fine, some of it is really grinded, but as long as we're careful packing it we should do fine. Thanks guys for your input. My much-anticipated hookah is comming tomorrow, Friday night will be all set with that and a Roor :smoke:
  5. nice man, 30 dollar g, i wanna see them buds. =p dense? better be for 30 bucks a pop..
  6. I've paid 20 for amazing weed and have still felt cheated, this should be some dank shit for 30.
  7. When putting bud in a hookah its supposed to be grinded up anyways so you shouldnt have any problems.
  8. Yeah its dense and dank. Two words I love. I might have wasted a pinch of it but I should be fine. Thanks again all.
  9. how much did you buy? if you only bought a gram then don't mix it with shisha, smoke it out of a bowl. hookas can use up weed really fast because its always lit. so if you bought 2-3 g's it should be fine for 2-3 people. but just 1 g for a couple of people then i would say smoke it out of something else and then smoke your hooka. but if you really want to mix it then go ahead. i love mixing the 2 together. what type of hooka did you buy?
  10. I would never pay $30 a gram unless its 1 hit and you're flying like never before. Anyway, its grinded up so smoke that shit the way it is.
  11. oh shit nevermind. sorry about the double post. but i just read that you were using both a hooka and a roor. damn then nevermind. you should definately be set. and if you want a really smooth smoke instead of using water use apple juice. even if you're not using apple shisha. it tastes really good and is easier to smoke a lot at once. even though you can do that already with water in a hooka. but i reccommend it. just try and you shall like it.
  12. Nice Marqus, thanks for the reply. We'll have about 3 or 4 G's so I'll mix and use Applejuice. I got Banana and Coconut Shisha, and the Hookah is a 34" Syrian 3-Hose Chiller with tap. I can't wait to burn it up.

    Any good shisha flavor \ water alternatives you recommend?
  13. 5 star is all of my friends' favorite shisha. also pineapple is good. apple, cherry, any type of fruit that you would like. i don't reccommend mint. but also you can make a fruit shisha smoothie and mix them up. but that sounds like a sick hooka. have tomorrow night.

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