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  1. Animal Planet is having a marathon of The Haunted episodes. This has to be the spookiest show on television. I keep getting the chills. The episode right now is fucking me up. Of course the bowl of Maple Berry isn't helping things...

    There is a new episode airing tonight. I'll record it and watch during the day. I'm too jumpy to watch it in the dark. I'll never understand my fascination with ghosts when I'm such a pussy.
  2. That sounds awesome. I might have to get blazed and tune in to animal planet :smoke:
  3. They just showed some footage of an apparition caught during an investigation. Creepy as hell.
  4. If it's anything like "A Haunting" then I couldn't stand watching it because it just screams Hollywood bullshit to me :eek:

    Just like this
  5. oh that sounds awesome :) i will have to watch that!
    i get so scared, if i watch anything scary I get all paranoid and scared of the dark for like......a month :(
  6. I started watching some documentary called Celebrity Ghost Stories and I watch almost a season, check it out on youtube...the stories are pretty good.
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    No it's THE Haunting, not A Haunting. Your indefinite article is no match for my definite article!
  8. I'd prefer to get a 40, smoke bowl or two and sit in a graveyard.
  9. umm.. around here only Skinwalkers do that. You don't want to hang around graveyards in New Mexico.
  10. Animal PLanet has the scariest show on television? Thats odd lol.

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