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Im sick...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GR1BB5, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. ^ and sneezing and runny nose and coughing and all that fun shit... should I keep smoking or should i give it a break for a few days? I smoke almost everyday but can easily go without... just wondering if it helps or worsens a cold...
  2. get stoned youll forget about the cold :D
  3. i always smoke when i have a cold. helps with the runny nose and makes you forget about it
  4. Haha, I was gonna post this same thread. Dude I feel ya, I'm sick too. Feels bad. But I got some dank last night that makes it all better. Haha. I was also wondering if it would make it worse or better. I've got a sore throat too though, so I've just been vaping it.
  5. well im mixin my dank that makes me fall asleep with my mid-sativa that makes me think super fast lol... going to hit my bong with some nice steaming water... in 3...2...1...HIT!
  6. have a nice flight :wave: :smoke:
  7. if you will fall asleep then i would smoke but if you arent going to fall asleep i wouldnt smnoke it wont be good for your throat
  8. If you're vaping or eating edibles then you're good. Blunts, joints, and even bongs (sometimes) make my throat feel worse if I have a sore throat. But I'd say go for it. :smoking:
  9. yeah i got super bad couch lock and was stuck watching some chopper marathon on discovery channel. then fell asleep for 4 hrs... and now my cold is back... off to smoke more... wish i was at the football game instead.
  10. I dunno. Since cannabis has been subscribed for common colds before marijuana prohibition, I dunno. :wave:
  11. was wondering the same thing. i just vaped a little and it kind of made it a bit worse for me, i think it may be because i vaped so little that it just made me feel tired.. i'll give it another try later tonight. gotta clean out the mlfb, its getting a bit dusty, havent used it in a while
  12. this turned into a "smoking helps colds" thread.. OT hope you feel better :hello:
  13. If you got a sore throat stay far away from blunts man.
  14. This^
    Yup for me it stopped my runny nose, stopped my sneezing, and my headache and fever went down.(while the regular effects lasted ~2hrs):D

    I didn't have a sore throat, but did use steaming water which did make me cough my guts up:bongin:

    I'm still a lil sick but doing much better thank you!:)

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