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Im sick.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by UnrealPancake, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Im going to be making some soup from a can (Cambells Chicken Noodle) and I am not really in the mood to smoke, but I want to sleep. If I put some weed in the soup, could / would I get high from that? I'm open to putting butter / some milk in my soup too if itl get me high so I can sleep.
  2. naw bro you won't even feel a buzz. Best thing to do is vape

  3. Why would you say that? What factual evidence do you have? None? You're just pulling bullshit out of your ass?

    OP, THC is activated by heat, kinda. There are cannabinoids in weed that naturally break down and convert to activated forms of THC over time as bud dries and ages, however at room temp this is no quick process. Butter and milk will definitely help as the fat absorbs the cannabinoids you're looking for (there's a star wars joke in there somewhere) but you're going to want to use a stove top to make your soup and not a microwave, as that will destroy THC.

    As long as you're cooking at around water's boiling point, it should work as an edible the same as marijuana tea will.
  4. You'd actually have to go through the process of carbing it (Bake it at like 250), then putting it in oil and baking it into that.

    Vegetable oil is fine, but I'd recommend coconut because it has a higher fat content.

    Recipe I found for a single serving of oil: Easiest single serving canna oil recipe
  5. Make some butter/oil and eat that.
    Why don't you just make it easier for yourself though and smoke it?

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