I'm sick of people...

Discussion in 'General' started by lungs, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. I'm sick of people giving others shit for having a low post count and judging the validity of what they say based on that. Some of you would be better off doing something productive, rather than racking up rep and a high post count.
  2. Show me an example of someone ripping on someone else over their post count/rep
  3. stop bitchin, this doesnt hardly happen. if it does, it probably happens in the REC section, which is made of mostly 12 year olds anyways

    how do u know its about post count, and not what they say?

    give is examples

    "whining is like a rocking chair, it gives ya somthing to do, but ya never get anywhere"

    -sum dude from deadliest catch:p
  4. Shut up burnttwaffle

    You and your measly >2,000 posts

  5. 4000+.....?

    post whore

  6. I challenge you to a rep duel
  7. :laughing: lol....
  8. This dude is just pissed that i have more rep than him.
  9. Yeah come back when your e-penis is mature and your post count at least over 100,000 to really contribute to GC :rolleyes:.

    Don't worry bro. It's just an online forum. No need for this lol.

  10. Pshh.. Who cares what you say. You don't even have 100 posts or two bars of rep yet! :rolleyes:
  11. o shit!
    i found people who are actually mature over here

    *waves hi*

    I AM ALL THAT IS MAN!!!!!!

  13. i think it is only an issue if someone only has one post and are asking for some kind of hook up or more than they should be asking for on their first post.

    in those situations i feel like i'm smelling bacon.
  14. Sorry OP, I didn't read your post. Come back when you have 3 digits or more in your post count. KTHX.
  15. My rep penis is longer then most in this thread.

    Bow down or get the MUSHROOM STAMP

  16. If buzzard and i team up, we can take sky dog!!!!!!!!!



  17. how do you "rack up rep"??
  18. I've gotten PM's from people asking for rep :cool::hello:.
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    you are jokin right?o_O
  20. LOL i almost feel bad, we are tearin this kid up:p

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