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Im sick and tired of people making up pointless names for strains.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kenji12349, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Doesn't it annoy you when stupid little kids ask you "What is it called?" like imo if its highgrade then its just freaking highgrade who cares whatever the hell its called. If i called it coca cola weed would you fuccin buy it? The only strains that are worth mentioning imo is Purple Kush OG Kush and Grand daddy purple but it shouldn't be the number one priority to ask, if its really kush then it'll get you fuccin ripped no matter what kush it is. FUCC MANG
  2. IMO, Purple kush doesn't necessarily mean it's "dank" It's purple due to temperature variations during flowering. Cold temps can produce purple hues on the buds, thus you have purple kush. Purple doesn't mean it's super potent though, it's part of the plants defense mechanisms during severe cold temps.
  3. No, these threads annoy the fuckin' Jesus out of me though.:cool:
  4. different strains give you different highs.
  5. I don't think it's pointless.. Unless you just make up a name on the spot or something. Haha
    I mean, it's no different then like, breeds of dogs or types of flowers or flavors of soda. You know?
  6. I remember one time my guy was telling me how when he just got his batch, his guy told him it was OG Kush. My dude had never heard of a 'OG' strain before so he was just like "Ok, so what, an OG pissed on it or something" :D

    I don't care about names because the person I get my best sensi from doesn't care. My other person is always telling me "yo I got blackberry" or "its some purple widow" etc. It's good bud, but it's not the best and costs more than the no name.
  7. I think it's coool on the contrary.

    Would you rather say "I smoked some dank highgrade today"

    or be like "I smoked some dank Blackberry Bubba Kush today, bet your jealous Kenji, oh but wait names don't matter to you"
  8. #8 Diggity2Dank, Aug 12, 2011
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2011
    I understand where ur comming from but at the same time I would like to know what it is that I am spending my money on regardless how "dank" it may or may not be.

    Trainwreck here in Oregon is a popular strain or at least the name is. But I can tell you that I have only had one bag full of what I consider to be trainwreck outta a bunch that claim it was but sure as hell didnt feel like it.

    The name game is hit and miss sometimes it's right, on somtimes its way off!

    Buying weed is alot like fishing, you never know what your gonna get.
  9. I'm going to start callin my bud "Cool story bro"
  10. I can agree with this, but if it's a serious breeder that's created a new hybrid or something that has'nt been done, there's nothing wrong with that. But a kid that just grew a name less bag seed plant without knowing genetics and naming it is retarded. Alot of fucking names out there but if it's good, it's good just fucking smoke it.
  11. dont agree. sounds like u just simply dont know ur genenetics, which means ur prob like 2 steps down the food chain tryin to hustle high schoolers.

    i know the name of almost every strain i smoke and each strain has a unqie high.

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