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I'm sick and I wanna get high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by doublejointed, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Hey GC
    Ive had a bad cough/head cold/fever for the past few days. Flu like symptoms, but its not the flu.
    I called in sick today to give myself a day to rest and recover.
    I want to get high my I'm not sure if its a good idea. My fever has gone down but I still feel pretty terrible. I have a vape, I was thinking maybe that would be better because of my cough? What do you guys think? Should I just stay sober until I'm all good again?
  2. Vape! It will make you feel better I'm recovering from a cold and I've been using my vape a lot this past week, just don't smoke it will make your cough way worse trust me I know
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  4. I've been sick for a few days, pretty bad off but the smoking does help, and I cough up all that shit in my throat so that's cool :p
  5. I was sick many times and always smoked.I had accident,had a fight with a guy.He almost broke my head amnesia almost broke my head couldn't eat almost couldn't talk,couldn't even open my mouth but I kept smoking white widow.The results was very nice realy.Many times.Many times had lung infection and always feeled good when I smoked.Also feel the recovering mutch more natural and better when I am hi.
  6. Being sick and high is a different feeling, you should try it
  7. Dafuq.
  8. Sleep is the best medicine so get fried and let your self crash so your tired and pass out you'll wake up feeling 10x better its what I do.
  9. Thanks everyone, I did end up having a great vape sesh. I had my pax on high and it certainly didn't help the cough, but I actually felt a lot better after.
  10. Good to hear :)
  11. Reminded me of this..
    [ame=]Brotha Lynch Hung-Sicc & High - YouTube[/ame]
  12. Last couple of times I got sick I said forget this shit and kept on going. I smoked from the morning till I passed out and the main problem is the symptoms go away but during the burn out come back a lot worse than you ever had them. Also seems to cause a delay on the curing.
  13. Update: today my doctor told my I have walking pneumonia, a lung infection. I don't think I'm gonna smoke for a while. I know its not like tobacco smoke, but still. I'm still wondering about vaping though. Do you guys think I should vaporize with a lung infection? I'm usually a daily cannabis user so I almost wanna say that being sober might throw off my system even more ...

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