I'm shopping for a hps set up.

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by HomerSativa, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. I've been looking for a while now for a 250 hps set up. I'm not finding alot in my price range that is air cooled. My price range is $100-$250 and it's going in a box that fits a light up to 28" and already battling heat with my CFL's. I found a 400 watt'r for $195 and it looks good. Has anyone used lights from MBKP international LLC ??
  2. 150 Watt HPS at $67.00 each Sun System HPS 150w Grow Light [SS150H] : Urban Sunshine, Organic and Hydroponic Gardening

    250 watt HPS at $200.00 each 250 watt (2'x2' coverage) : Urban Sunshine, Organic and Hydroponic Gardening

    The 250 says in the ad that its air cooled :bongin:
  3. Thanks for the links!! I've found an air cooled , digital ( separate ) ballast, and bulb for 185. Just waiting now;)
  4. Fantastic.

    Are we going to see you posting an indoor journal so we can follow your progress in a grow :confused:

    Blaze On :bongin:
  5. Yes sir! I already have a Master Kush journal going right now with all cfl's. I'm thinking the 250 should get here around the time I'm ready to flip them to 12/12!!
  6. I checked it out and sub'd for the ride :)

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