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  1. My friend in Colorado sent me link and said he signed this.... He agreed completely on this issue..........

  2. I don't think we should be privatizing the criminal justice system or prisons... :confused_2:
  3. Ah the criminal just-us system. Gotta love it...
  4. Was just talking about this yesterday with a friend.

    I dont think there should be privitized prisons or hospitals.
    The justice system/prison system and healthcare shouldn't be for profit.

    It just ensures that there will be more people in prison, and that healthcare will be more and more expensive and of a lesser quality.
  5. No that's not how it works.
  6. I'll agree with the petitions idea, but, I don't live in CO, they should have made a nationwide petition, now that's one I would sign in a heartbeat.

    Kinda selfish to only do it for their own state. Maybe a petition for a Constitutional Ammendment to ban the for profit prisons, now that would be awesome!
  7. Yeah because the private sector makes things more expensive and reduces quality. Like in the cell phone industry... Oh wait...

    Illogik is a fitting name.
  8. Every fucking person on this goddamn planet work for a fucking profit. PERIOD. I'm so mad right now cause these fucking liberals reject the notion that the gov was the fault for bringing this mess in the first place. You fucking liberals want abolish everything and let the gov do it for you. So you can sit your ass down and watch tv all day, is that what you want? Fucking slackers leaching off the system.

    Oh wait there's more! You liberals cry out for corporations making profit which they done nothing wrong. They are there to make some fucking money. However with regulations and all, it favors the big corporation to actually leach off the citizens at ease since there is no fucking competition. Real genius over here, guys! We should let the gov monopolize the police task force, courts and the laws! SO that way we can throw more people in jail! People want to be more lazy than ever, so maybe they're better off going to jail than stay at home and do fucking nothing.. RIGHT? ITS THE BEST FOR US! WE WANT GOV TO BABYSIT US!

    PUBLIC PRISON is one more step to BIG BROTHER! Soon, we all live in gov buildings! You see those private houses over there? Yeah, they're all dead. FUCK THOSE GUYS. THEY HATE OUR BIG BROTHER! HOW DARE THEY!
  9. Profit = efficiency and giving the best product possible.

    In prisons though it just results in more people being in prison, and that's a horrible thing. There is no such thing as real private prisons. They are simply fascist prisons.
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    Your totally clueless if you think its a liberal vs conservative problem, both parties have consistently pushed these agendas, but good luck with your thinking everything will be hunky dory as soon as the conservatives take control of the White House...The problem is capitalism has been allowed to subvert the democratic process, the moment you start telling people publicly a corporation is a person and allow those same corporations to spend as much money as they want to elect public officials your pretty much fucked...and both of those things were done by conservatives, Romney and a conservative led Supreme Court...Private prisons exploded under George W. Bush.

    After the Vietnam War the government was in check for about 10 years due to anti-war backlash(conservative) the government was semi-transparent, that all ended with Reagan..but its not all conservative Clinton pushed banking regulations that have allowed The major banks to buy most of the smaller banks which led to the "to big to fail bailout" in 2008 and the savings and loan collapse. George H. Bush pushed for media regulation that's allowed almost all news and entertainment outlets TV, radio and print to be bought, owned and controlled by a limited few corporations and individuals. George W. Bush started two unfunded wars and an unfunded prescription drug plan that decimated the treasury. So at what point it's just those damn Liberals I don't know its a mutual agenda from both parties and both ideologies.

  11. Oh look, another one of these people.

    Stick around and learn something ~

    I'm for privatizing prisons and criminal justice systems in communities and states that want it privatized. I'm not for the current fascist system of the state furthering the companies it endorses with no bid contracts and welfare.
  12. Capitalism gave birth to pretty much everything good that we have. Private property rights have no inherit downfall at all. It's only when you give a monopoly on force to a given group of people (the state) that problems arise. Without capitalism we would still be in the stone age.

    People who denounce capitalism are total idiots.

  13. You obviously have never worked for a cellular company or in the telecommunications industry have you?

    Well I have... So, let's start with the fact that the government is the one that has to keep pushing cellular companies to expand their coverage and their networks and infrastructure. In America the cell phone industry has done just what you said, they have made cell coverage more expensive than it has to be and they give us an inferior network. America's cell coverage is sub par compared to many parts of Europe, Japan, South Korea. etc.

    In fact, major cell companies have been sued and penalized in the past for either not updating/maintaining their networks... our out right degrading cell phone networks of companies they have purchased to purposefully and illegally push people into signing new contracts with the buyer company - http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising/cingular-faces-class-action-lawsuit-85742

    At&t was sued for signing on hundreds of thousands of new customers, but not updating their networks to account for the growth.

    Another example, is a few years back Chicago was thinking about having free wi-fi for the entire city. Telecommunication companies stepped in and threatened to sue chicago if the city offered free wi-fi to it's citizens. Preventing free wi-fi to hundreds of thousands of people who couldn't afford it.

    The list goes on and on, about all the shady shit telecommunications companies do that hurts the american consumer and our countries cellular coverage.
  14. Blaming campaign finance on capitalism is silly. Lobbyists spend money to further corporatism, and voters choose their candidates to further welfarism. Both antithetical to capitalism.

    I don't know about you, but I don't vote for a candidate based on how many commercials they can buy... I vote for them based on what the news tells me to do.

  15. Can't tell if being sarcastic or if aliens took the real aaronman and put this decoy in his place....:eek:

    What the news tells you to do? I know you're not a media sheeple, there's no difference between commercials and the media, nowadays all we have is infotainment from the news. I think you meant to say you vote based on the candidates track record...;)

  16. Blah blah. The government created the iPhone and android os too right?

  17. Who cares, would you require your oncologist to have had cancer before giving you chemo?

    Well hurrah and huzzah, you're obviously quite the expert and authority because of this experience. I'll bet you can swallow swords and juggle too.

    Yeah, I remember this happening. Like back when government blocked the AT&T / T-Mobile merger. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    So what?

    So. What?

    So what?

    Yeah, because the 'shady telcomm's' obviously enforce their authority with the Verizon Marine Corps and the AT&T SEALS and they sue you in the 2nd district court of Boost Mobile.

    Or maybe, just maybe .... it is government that affords them the ability to provide these shitty services?
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    Capitalism left unchecked, subverts the government, what has it done for us lately? lets see import tariffs that are insanely unfair and promote import over export.

    It costs 10 times as much to import to China than it does for china to import to the United States, it does however help companies willing to export factories to china.

    NAFTA, which any idiot knew would not help the average american due to the fact that Mexico had such a low standard of living, all it did was raise there's a little and lower ours so we met somewhere in the middle, but that's economics 101. It did however help company's willing to export factories to mexico.

    The Koch brother's CEO's of the second largest privately held company on earth spent years pushing for super pacs, whose sole purpose is to subvert campaign laws that put every american on an equal footing by setting a limits on how much each citizen can donate. super pacs allow companies and very rich individuals to donate unlimited funds. If you think that has no impact on elections your insane or clueless.

    You say voters chose candidates to further welfarism? Wow you are one of those people?, I have a hard time taking people like you, you know nothing and are unwilling to find facts and blindly spout the ramblings of whatever talking head currently tickles your fancy.

    We give billions every year to oil companies including BP which most people are to clueless to even know stands for British Petroleum a English Company sucking down subsidies intended for US companies, these are some of the most profitable companies in the world isn't that corporate welfare?

    We bailed out Banks engaged in huge fraud taking billions from investors by manipulating the rating's system and giving triple A rating to bonds they knew weren't worth the paper they were printed on, yet when they failed. We gave the banks hundreds of billions, never charged anyone with the fraud and refused to help those who were the true victims of the fraud.

    So yea your right capitalism isn't the problem, its that fucker who lost his job and his 401k in 2008 and gets food stamps, especially if he's a liberal, but hey maybe we can have a war.

    I mean shit 50 cents of every dollar collected by the government goes to defense, so it would be a short war..wait maybe that's the problem? probably not, since not one candidate not even your precious Ron Paul thinks we should maybe, just maybe, stop spending more on tanks and guns than any other 10 countries in the world.

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