im seeing triple...

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by froggy, May 10, 2004.

  1. mango. first time ive seen this :)

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  2. THREE holy shits
  3. nice

    3 is the magic number :D

    hope it's a femme
  4. dam froggy take good care of that one
  5. What does that mean
  6. it means its 3 times stronger than regular pot.....
  7. how has that plant been doin???........ just wanted to know.......are you gonna keep a journal of this one it would be cool to see how it turns out
  8. does 3 really mean its 3 times stronger than regular pot.. whats it really mean?
  9. ~looks at froggy~ : ) we got something in common now lol i have a (polyploid) same thing as what u got at around 4 weeks now woot woot lol hope it goes well for u i personally love mine haha its the best
    cya hoko
  10. ok what exactly does this mean?
  11. So.... a triploid is something that you really dont want? because you just said it cant undergo mitosis without haveing another triploid to reproduce. but wait... don't most people only use cannabis as annuals anyways? so is reproduction really an important factor when growing bud?

    sorry if i sound uneducated in growing bud, because... well i am, never done it before!

    EDIT: btw, you confused me with polyploidy, wouldnt that include triploid? but you said only triploids can undergo mitosis with triploids, but any plant can undergo polyploidy. Wouldnt that include triploids? This is assuming poly is a prefix of many, and trip is a prefix for three, and last time i checked, three was "many".. haha, i need a biology book!
  12. does impossible to breed mean it wont even harvest buds at all? so is it a bad thing?
  13. trust me, its grows bud, its just that u dont want to put a female trippple by anymale, cus that just puts seeds in it, and if u plant theme, they wont be the X3 kind
  14. So pray to god its a female, and take clones like MAD
  15. wow you learn something new everyday
  16. HIGH All, we've had a few Polypoids and the ones we cloned turned to two leaves again.
  17. Its a trifoliar plant. Ive seen hese before on og, dam rare. It runs more in certian strains. I got a new mutant its a monofoliar plant, grows slow as ass, just one leaf per node.
  18. post more pics of it when it gets bigger.

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