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  1. Well, i was sittin at work ( a family owned business) when my dad called me aside. He said he searched my room and found a bottle of homemade wine and 5 plants. I guess they searched my room and searched EVERYTHING. I came home and everything was pulled out from under my bed and my closets. They found my bongs and pipes. Now everything is really awkward between us.
  2. In time, everything will be fixed, unless they are super against it. As long as your of age, everything will be fine. Sorry guy!
  3. you should ask him why he searched your shit in the first place.
  4. if you were growing in a house that wasn't yours and thats owned by someone who isn't ok with it? that is fucked up
  5. O.K....Chill, dude.......

    Remember that what is at the bottom of it is that they love you and are concerned for your safety.

    When you feel up to it, go to them and let them say their piece. Then maybe you can find some peace in the home.

    Suck it up. Take it like a man. You'll be proud of yourself if you do.

    Good Luck.
  6. Are the plants aiight?
  7. This is what i was gonna say to them today. Anything i should add/ change "Mom. Dad. I smoke pot. The Plants were mine. They started as seeds. Ive had em for about a week. What would you rather me do. Associate with sketchy dealers or have a minor grow op, if you could call em that. I mean if i accidently piss em off, i could end up gettin hurt. I have never smoked in the house. I never planned on selling the plants. I do not deal."
  8. Why don't you just let them do the talking and you do the listening. It will be easier on you that way it seems.
  9. Besides....you can't be too sure what it is they want to say to you and what they want to hear from you. Play along. Go along to get along. Sound good?
  10. Alright. Thanks guys. Ill sit them down tomorrow after we stuff ourselve full of food. Hahahaa. They will get tired cuz of all the fuckin turkey. So i can say whatever i want. Lol
  11. Don't let them take your babies
  12. [quote name='"MasterChief420"']if you were growing in a house that wasn't yours and thats owned by someone who isn't ok with it? that is fucked up[/quote]

  13. Keep us updated yo
  14. You were growing in someone else's property without their knowledge or consent.

    If caught, your parents would have been directly liable. They could have lost their home, their business, their freedom. In most jurisdictions where cannabis cultivation is illegal, 5 plants is considered a ‘grow-op' – which means their home would have been labeled a grow-op and all the equity they've worked for would have been virtually worthless.

    If there had been a fire (even if not directly caused by your growing operation) the plants would have virtually guaranteed zero insurance money. Insurance companies look for any reason not to pay, and “grow-op” is music to their ears.

    But what probably hurts them the most is the fact that you violated their trust.

    Parents want to be able to trust their children; knowing that their young are responsible means that they've done a good job. By the time you are 18 the thought of searching your room should not even occur to them. If you think they enjoyed searching your room, think again. It must have been one of their darkest moments.

    Now, how to make it right…

    I suggest you give it a little bit of time. Reflect on your actions and how they have impacted your parents. See it from their point of view. When you feel that you understand the situation clearly, approach them with a sincere and honest apology. Tell them that you intend to earn back their trust, and follow through. That is the only way.

    In time, when you are on your own and established, you may decide to have another discussion with them about your use of cannabis. By that time they should see you as a full adult who is capable of making his own choices and dealing with the consequences. Then again, maybe you will leave it unspoken; you know your parents better than I do. Regardless, until that time comes demonstrate your maturity through your actions.

    As much as things might seem to suck right now, understand that your parents would have never done what they did if they didn't love you. There are many kids out there whose parents know that they are into far worse things but don't lift a finger, even if it kills them.

    In a way, you are lucky. Try to think of it like that, and then move forward. You have a long road to redemption -- but it is in sight.

  15. [quote name='"Green Waffle"']you should ask him why he searched your shit in the first place.[/quote]

    doesnt matter, if he lives under their roof
  16. Don't hold back, there, GaiaGuy. Tell us how you REALLY feel.
  17. Well i told my mom. She's gonna random drug test me from now on. I mean, she knows i smoke, why drug test me. I have to quit until i start college, so i'm gonna delete this account at midnight and reopen later. I mean, after hearing your alls stories on here, its kinda hard to quit.
  18. You have really opened my eyes at why my parents searched me. Thank you.
  19. how long until you go to college?
  20. You Dont Have to quit. If you wanna smoke you got to be a NINJA!

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