Im scared to smoke now.

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  1. So on Monday night I Sat down and did my ritual, smoked a bowl or two then went and played xbox. Usually this is the most relaxing thing I could think about doing, I almost feel invincible.

    I was sitting there for about fifteen minutes then my heart started pounding. I ignored it for about 10 minutes or so, then it got so bad I had to get up and lay in bed, as I was laying in bed it was getting worse. So I asked my gf to go outside and walk with me. I had myself convinced that I was dying by the time I got outside. My heart felt like it was going to explode, I was shaky, clammy, sweating like a dog and it was just the worst feeling I had ever experienced in my life.
    Soon as that feeling resided I was the most relaxed,I had been in a very long time but it,lasted about an hour. My normal highs rarely last that long. Now I'm scared to smoke. I don't want to get into that state again.
    I know you guys don't know me and it's hard to say, but what can I do to help me not be scared of getting high? Its really odd to say that since I've been smoking religiously for the past year and a half.
  2. Stop smokimg schwag.
  3. Stop smoking altogether.
  4. Simple questions : Was the particular strain you smoked one that you have never used before? If so, then just don't use it again. OR, if this is what you have been snmoking, ya better stop just dont smoke anymore.
  5. Palpitations can happen where you feel strong irregular heartbeats, but the cause can be hard to determine. Wouldnt worry about it too much. But if it happens every time...stop smoking and see a doctor

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  6. Smoke less. Only smoke one bowl not two and take your time smoking it. I get cold and shakey when I smoke so I'm definitely picking up what you're putting down.
  7. Wow, not to sound like the voice of reason or anything but ...answer the following:
    1. Have you smoked this amount (2 bowls) of this strain more than 3 times?
    2. Did anything happen those times (these physical manifestations you are feeling)?
    If the answer to 1 is yes and 2 is no then I would posit that the smoking had nothing to do with your physical problems and that quitting smoking pot because of it is the worst thing you can do. You see, if the pot had nothing to do with it then *something* else is causing it so take your stoned ass to the doctor because its your bodys way of telling you that somethings up. Thinking you are treating whatever is wrong with abstinence from pot could very well cover up the real problem and will almost certainly delay any meaninful treatment.
    Up to you but me, I would stoke a fatty because I would know the herb had nothing to do with whats wrong...but thats me.
  8. This shouldn't be in seasoned tokers.
    You got too high, and you had a panic/anxiety attack.
  9. I think that his question is exactly right for the seasoned tokers for one simple reason: he probably wanted his question answered by someone who knew what they were talking about and not the "unseasoned" tokers who might give him any bizarre theory. I mean, when I really need to know an answer, I don't ask someone who knows as little as I; go as a pro and you should get a pro answer.
    That said, I never even considered an anxiety attack; never had one myself in 35 some years of toking...well maybe I did but back that I just considered it to be really good pot ^__^
  10. I have never heard of somebody getting this high off schwag unless it's their first time lol
    sounds like OP needs to smoke a little less next time
  11. He confused his shcwag headaches for being high.
  12. MJ has a way of screwing with your Hearts Electrical signals sinus rhythms (sinus node)
    causing your heart to race and even miss beats.
    if this is a benigh thing no big deal, but it could be a sign that your heart is telling you something.
    You should check your pulse regularly and see if you notice any skips.
    It happens after drinking coffee and caffine products too.
    Have you ever had a heart workup test done (stress test and echo)?
    If you feel pain get sweaty and dizzy and rapid pluse get check out.
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    Ask your doctor if getting medical advice from a marijuana forum is right for you.
    Did it happen BECAUSE you were high, or did it just happen to occur WHILE you were high?
    Might be a good time to get some electrodes hooked up to you just to make sure. 
  14. ..Pretty sure he got a little bit more than a headache
    OP take it easy

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