Im scared. Should I deal with these people?

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  1. I met a guy at a gas station who seemed pretty nice, he noticed me looking at pipes and said he could get me an ounce of purp for 350. So i told him i only had 290, so instead of an ounce he gave me 18 grams! He didnt weigh it because i was in a hurry to get to class. Later he called me and asked if i wanted to chill, and I told him about the bag, and he said if i can get him 60 then he'll bring me the rest of the 10 grams and meet me by my college. But the thing is, he's 10 years older than me, and i noticed he was smoking a hard drug right before i bought it. So should i just be glad i didnt get robbed, or is it likely that ill get robbed in a public parking lot? I think the worst that can happen is i get shorted again, unless i bring my scale. I doubt they would pull a weapon if all i brought was 60. What do you guys think?
  2. When in doubt, FUCK THAT.
  3. He fucked you..
  4. im just going to see if he will come through with this and then im going to stop associating with him.
  5. Not smart in my opinion. See you on the news.

  6. I would still fuck with him. Just beacuse he does other drugs does not make him a bad person. But I mean if you get a shady vibe trust yourself but shit I would want my extra weed.
  7. He seems friendly enough, maybe I shouldn't judge him. But hes also a pimp! Hahaha he asked me if i knew anyone who would want a cute short white girl for 30. And my first thought was damn thats cheap... I told him idk anyone who would be interested, while laughing. And he says he has no criminal record!
  8. That means hes a good criminal.
  9. I would bring the other sixty, Maybe bring a friend. Was he acting funny after he tried this "hard drug?" You can usually see a shady person from a mile away.
  10. Yoooooo, IM subscribed.. Go get that 10g's for 60$ so you can post what happend:D

    Best of luck to you:wave:!!
  11. The thing is, i got a good vibe from him. I might be bad at reading people, but his dealer he called up was the one who's really at the end of this problem. I made the mistake of buying that much without scaling it because i was in a hurry. He said his boy is cool and he'll totally come through, because i told him I can bring him alot of business, because the stuff is really good.

  12. I would not turn him away he might be able to show you how to keep your pimp hand strong.
  13. No, after the hard drug he was still acting the same as when i met him. I was talking to him for about 40 minutes before his dealer met up with us. He seems pretty relaxed and chill for someone who does that. And he told me where he lives and said we should chill at his new crib. Also, he doesnt have a car. So his buddy drives him around, who seemed relaxed as well.
  14. if he already gave you 18 grams for 290 (and he didnt weigh it out cuz you were in a rush so you cant blame him for shorting you) then id think he will come through on the rest of the deal.

    but yea, after you get that 10 grams you should not contact that guy again and ignore him if he contacts you.
  15. If it makes you feel better, when I lived back East I payed 500$ willingly for an ounce in the ghetto for Haze. Now I get ounces for 50$.
  16. This thread just reeks of sketchy.
  17. The guy just called me and asked if i wanted to get some "hard" so i told him "nah, im not into that" and he said ok, followed by an awkward silence until i said ill talk to you later. :eek: Only two kids in my highschool tested for coke, i didnt think id ever be close to it. Sketch for sure.

  18. [​IMG]

    He sounds like real friendly chap...
  19. Did you tell this guy exactly where you live? That'll make this more exciting!

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