Im scared of college. advice from fellow tokers?

Discussion in 'General' started by swanseatoker, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. So im starting college in a few days and im scared out of my mind. everything ive ever known is going to change. my friends are gone. Ill never play football again. Lately my high school memories have hurt to think about. i guess im just holding onto the past. what do you guys think?
  2. Just be a willing part of life. Enjoy it all , shit gets more real out of college.
  3. I think you're flipping shit over whats going to be one of the greatest times of your life. I cant wait to get back to my college town in a few days, hell I'm going up tonight to party at my girlfriends new place.

    Trust me, you got nothing to worry about.
  4. Be friendly as fuck and make new friends. People will take notice of your friendliness.
  5. im scared too....but only because im 24 and havent been to school since i graduated in 06.
  6. Dude embrace it, don't be afraid of it. It's pretty much the start of a whole new chapter in your life!:smoke:
  7. im also starting college...again on the 27th of this month. i really don't want to go back but i know i NEED to go back. not looking forward to it pretty scared to get back into the school routine. class, break, class, hw, drive home. or however my days work themselves out. but ill be going to a community college in upstate ny and its different the in hs. I'm not used to being in a class with fellow peers who are 15 to 20 years older then me. i don't want to be anti social during class id love to make new friends and even maybe a cool girl to hang out with and what not but thats a stretch.

    guess all we can do is take as much interest in whatever your there to learn about. i personally have a big dislike for any kind of schooling environment but i just gotta nut up and get that degree so i can make bigger stacks then minimum wage when I'm older and out on my own.
  8. dude no need to be scared. i have serious social anxiety and i had fun the whole damn time in college.

    i wish i had another year.
  9. College is amazing, find new friends. Smoke a lot of herb, and if your lucky you can find some good as connections, I did :smoke:
  10. wish I could go back to school...lots of nice memories
  11. i already have the perfect lookin forward to the ladies.:cool:
  12. College should be the best time of your life - you have NOTHING to be afraid of. Just get with the living son
  13. Just be careful of freshman friday
  14. By Christmas you'll be wondering why you were ever worried.
  15. First week on campus already made 100's of friends and scored tons of dank. Just let go and have a good time. Be yourself and hang out with like minded people.

    Avoid the assholes there will be plenty. I've met so many cool people and I love it here. I should have banged that chick last night...but i gave my condom away earlier that night wtf was i thinking.

    Oh well campus parties are fun attend as many as you can before classes start. So you don't screw up your acacdemics. Weed Pussy School, money is no longer an option i'm just going to fuckking fuckk shit UPPPP.

    Boiler Up strangers.
  16. Went through that to holla at dline. But anyways you'll make new friends and you'll move on. I thought about the past often freshman year and my friends I wentto a different school where I knew no one. But yea you'll be fine dude pm if you got questions, I may: may not be able to help. Good luck enjoy it bc freshman year is the shit
  17. College is the best time of your life, period. I was surprised by how nice everyone was, guess I saw too many stereotypical college movies where theres the 'jocks' and 'nerds', but everyone was chill with each other.
  18. I started after being out of school for's not so bad just remember everyone is just as nervous or even more than you are..after a few weeks you'll be a pro

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