Im Sadly Starting To Realize My Life Is Pretty Twisted Right Now

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  1. well there's good and bad

    I work 2-3 jobs each week, building police cars, driving cars in a dealers auction, and delivering pizza. I go to one of Canada's top university and am hoping to go to law school next. I'm working out, eating healthier, and trying to take better care of myself and not constantly put others before me because I always do

    The bad is that I'm pretty well stoned and a little drunk all day and night. I sleep for a few hours at a time and blaze and have a few drinks and pass out again to the point that no one can even tell if im buzzed because I always am

    I'm 19 and I really need to take a break from everything but I've been finding it really difficult lately. I blaze and drink every few hours so any thing longer than that is a lot but I smoke on my work breaks to so I don't even know what to say for myself.

    I'd like to think taking a vacation, like a road trip, somewhere isolated alone I could get back to normal but whatever I could change there I could change where I am right now, I just don't want to for some reason, is symbolism that powerful or am I just being an idiot and losing mind?
  2. You should stop drinking so constantly, there's no need to drink through out the day. You're on the road to alcoholism if you keep it up buddy. I don't see a problem with smoking on your breaks as long as it doesn't affect your ability to work but maybe limiting your smoking couldn't hurt, moderation is everything.

    As for your jobs, perhaps you could find another job with better hours and pay so you can quit two of your other jobs and have two jobs instead of three. With that you will feel less stressed and you could focus a little more on your schooling.

    You sound like the average joe just trying to get by and go to school, which everyone at some point has to do. Just watch your drinking and keep everything at a moderate level and everything will pan out better for you in the future.

    Just keep striving man and you will make it. If you need to take a vacation and get your mind back I encourage it. Everyone needs a break from their life's every now and then. Stay strong bro.
  3. Honestly the reason I've been constantly drinking a bit and always smoking is so that I can stay sedated and stop my mind from racing so much. Its sad that I'm taking away from my potential but I've found comfort in slowing myself down to the mind state of everyone else.

    I just can't do that anymore, I'm just generally depressed, even though I'll have my up times, I just want to be left alone and not asked so much of. I guess I felt like if I was constantly fucked up then none of the pain from people taking advantage of me and shit that fucks up in my life would affect me.

    This sounds pathetic
    Eh, not really alone. I smoke almost every night, and I've come to realize that I'm doing to escape my unhappiness with my educational path.
    People are miserable. 
  5. Eugh alcohol one night makes me feel like shit no idea how anyone could poison themselves daily.

    Take a break from bud and your head really does clear up. If you're working out then not getting proper sleep is counteracting anything you are doing as you get no time to recover. Also by the sounds of it I doubt you are eating healthy, I've found gym and proper nutrition boosts my state of mind beyond measure.

    I had a serotonin low if I had to guess ;) and was feeling super bummed out. I decided it was time for a tbreak and although I cheated once four days ago its been 2 weeks. My head is much clearer and I hope to make it through the upcoming 2 weeks of exams sober. Then I'm gonna have the fattest chop ever.
  6. I smoke everyday, but Im living my dream in Nor Cal growinghuge trees of ganja. :-D cant complain harvesting some indoor today :-D woop wop. If ur unhappy with ur life only u canmake the changes to take urself to where u want togo and be. I have beendownand out before we all have. But i tok my negatives and made thsm into positives. U learn howto do that life becomes ur oyster. :-D
  7. I challenge you into a duel evil yugi
  8. It's not hard dude, you just stop, the hard part is finding things to with yourself once you have stopped, boredom will lead you right back on that path again. 
  9. Op, you're 19 and already doing pretty well in life. Take a break and pat yourself on the back.
  10. who the fuck cares about the smoking bro, its no biggie
    drinking is absolutely horrible for your body. so i really doubt you "work out". maybe you've lifted a few times
  11. I feel you man, addiction aint pretty...
  12. By the time I got half way through my second semester of my second year a uni I realised that the daily smoking and drinking was fucking with my head a little bit.
  13. The truth is, is that if you want your quality of life to improve, you need to stop doing copious amounts of both weed + alcohol.  In my opinion alcohol is worse than bud, but the high amount of bud that you smoke daily can have a pretty bad long term effect on you, but not noticeable if you're doing the (rather basic) jobs that you're doing right now, but maybe with your high amount of schoolwork and stuff.  Maybe you should choose a different job that pushes you, in a way that you need the whole capacity of your mind in order to succeed.  Of course smoking and drinking a few times a week won't hurt you, but you definitely shouldn't feel inferior without them.  Keep them strictly as a recreational thing to do.  
  14. You should stop drinking so constantly,
  15. sounds like you dont want to change and just wanted to brag about it
  16. Find the right strain of weed for you, if you can. SOmething to keep your mind from racing, as you said it does. Alcohol is such a depressant, so find a weed that calms you down as much.
  17. u got the alcohol and weed associated together so that might be differcult
    get away from the alcohol
    get away get away
    uhm maybe you can try working out or some type of pysical activity instead of dranking in the day
    but goodluck with what is bothering you

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