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Im sad and I dont know why

Discussion in 'General' started by XxJWxX, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. Its just one of those nights, I feel pretty damn depressed, I havent cried for a year (actually I cried once when I was locked up) but thats it, and right now I feel like crying but cant. Maybe some Chivas Regal or some Jose Cuervo could help me out right now....I told my girlfriend I was going to a meeting tonight so I couldnt see her, although she is the only girl i've revealed my true emotions to. I dont like women to see me like this, i'm not happy right now.

    I fuckin miss America too. It's pretty damn bomb over here in Bangkok, but even going out everynight and partying gets old. I cant stop smoking these fuckin ciggarettes, I cant find my dig camera, I think I left it at a club or some stupid shit like that when I was drunk, it's 1 in the morning here, I'm pretty tired, I havent slept in two days, actually i've slept 4 hours in two days, I havent gone to the gym in 5 days, I feel like shit, I think my brain is out of the happy drug shit that it releases. I dont know why im sitting here posting this type of shit, I dont even know any of you but I do like coming to the city, ya'll are the only people I can complain to. Maybe I should take a week break from having sex, that usually cheers me up but its become such a common thing like smoking a ciggarette or eating breakfast. I dont know what the fuck im rambling on about and I can barely read or think im so tired, so as we speak im gonna pop open a bottle of Chivas and kill my liver. Peace
  2. It sounds like you need to take a break. Give yourself a week where you do everything healthy. Don't party, don't smoke, don't drink, don't have sex (even tho it's healthy), go to the gym, do some jogging, get your mind on work, just take a break from what you're doing. Sometimes you just get burnt out from always doing the same thing. One more thing. Get some damn sleep. That always makes my day much better.

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