I'm Running Away From Home Tonight

Discussion in 'General' started by buffEt, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. So...I don't really wanna go into details about my whole situation, but basically I'm having real real REAL difficulties with my parents. So I'm just gonna bounce. Gonna take my parent's 3rd car that they don't drive anymore and is supposed to mine when I pass my license test. Yes, I'm fucking in college without a license. CAUSE MY PARENTS WOULDNT LET ME GET IT CAUSE THEY THOUGHT ITD CAUSE MY GRADES TO PLUMMET. ONE EXAMPLE OF THEIR BRILLIANT LOGIC. Sorry about that rant. But yea...so I'll be driving without a license (I do know how to drive and have driven many times already). I guess the only reason I am posting this is cause...well I love you guys. Seriously. That's the E talking from last night...but the E is a part of me now. Haha...you rollers hopefully will understand me. But yea...just wish me luck I guess and pray that I don't crash or get pulled over.

    -Buffet out

    EDIT: Heinous can I room with you? :D
  2. im guessing this has something to do with the rave you went to maybe?

    just chill out man, if youve gotta get out the house, get out by all means, just be safe. dont drive far and dont do anything stupid, i definately have done irrational things when im angry or upset, especially at family members.

    be careful and good luck.
  3. Your parents might call the cops on you man, it is technicly, stealing.
  4. if i rolled last night id personally be feelin like shit. but i dont know about running away. im gunna say some bullshit here. you prob already did/thought this out but anywho. why dont you stop running from your problems. and how does drivin w/o a license sound like good sense? just sit down talk it out it may be hard as hell but id rather cry for hours infront of my praents than go through life not knowing their love and support

    2 pennys are now spent
  5. Trust me it's not the E in that sense. I had the cleanest comedown ever. If you read my thread, I've seriously realized how beautiful life is, but even more how beautiful it SHOULD BE. But society fucked it all up and so much about the human race along with it. I love life so much with my friends and I'm just so chill in general with them, but when I'm with my parents, I become suicidal, manic depressive, and just plain insane in general. It's like I'm a completely different person and it scares the shit outta me. So why should I spend my life having the good in me eaten away day by day by my parents? And this wasn't like just ONE fight or whatever. It's been a continual thing that has been getting progressively worse and worse. But yea man thanks for the blessings. :D
  6. Good luck, you think the rents will holla at the popos if you take the car?
  7. Nah my parents still want me to be safe and definitely not in jail. I don't have a license so telling the cops I stole the car would mean telling them that I'm driving illegally and that's time for me.
  8. Where are you going to go?
  9. Where all my friends live around, about 45 min away from here.
  10. *in a soft voice* kill them all!.............
  11. god dang why does no one ever talk it out. believe me half the shit ive gone through and had to talk to my parents about its nothing what you prob have to say. btw if you come out to northridge i got a pad you can crash at if your really in the shits
  12. Well your parents are probably not as unreasonable and illogical as mine. But thanks for the offer dude. I'm thinking about taking a road trip up to Norcal. Maybe.
  13. GL dooley kid. My only words of wisdom are "friends are friends, family is family"
  14. Dood I know EXACTLY how you feel. My parents are like that too. But they have good intentions and only want the best for you. It's unfortunate that the rents are hard to deal with at times and make home-life really shitty.

    Good luck. Do what you need to do.
  15. i feel you, but yo dont run away for good man, just a few days give them a little something to think about. also man did u think about this on the long run? what are you gonna be doin bro.. its hard times but fuck it man gotta fight that shit
  16. yo man its me, ((vodkka)) man +rep for this, you just gotta bounce, but come back soon cause i aint playin wow without ya bro :D

    happy travels, and howd the rave go??? :hello:
  17. yo man, i feel what your sayin, and maybe you should crash with a friend for a bit, (its vodkka by the way) but leave a note or somthin so they know your alright, anyways, this next bowls to you man, i already tryed to give you +rep but i forgot how lol
  18. It's on the top-right corner. The weighing scale.
  19. be safe, careful, and keep on thizzin' bro. good luck
  20. Best wishes. Running away has never worked out for me in the past. But then again back then I didn't have a car.

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