I'm Riding a Small Good Luck Streak...Finally

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SoulessStoner, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. It started last night. I had just picked up the most beautiful AK-47 I have ever seen (I wish I had a good camera, this shit looks incredible). My buddy calls me up to go see our friend a few towns over, which is about an hour ride. I decided to bring my jar to show him my beautiful pick up. After I showed him the weed in his car I tossed it into his glove box. Later that night he tells me to hide it under the seat just in case he got pulled over because he keeps his insurance information in the glove box. After an hour or so of visiting our friend, we decide to take off. Sure as shit on the way home we get pulled over. The cop was cool, he ran our ID's and then let us go without a problem. I'm so happy my buddy said something about the jar earlier, I definitely don't need an arrest in my life right now lol.

    Then today I found a coupon for a free Single from Wendy's w/ a drink and fry purchase. I head to Wendy's and place my order and the total came to $3.26. The kid on the cash register must have been new, because his manager was right there. Anyway, he actually forgot to charge me, so I got the entire meal for free. I would have said something, but I've been ripped off enough at fast food joints, so I have probably actually paid for this meal four or five times over.

    I wish I wasn't broke, a casino trip is sounding mighty fine right now lol.
  2. this sounds good until you go to the casino and blow your money away. but you do what you want hah I'm not going judge. keep tokin man sounds like life's pretty good for you right now
  3. Wow that sick about the cop.. what perfect timing. NEVER keep buds in a glove compartment!:eek:

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