I'm retarded. Someone help me with math please.

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    I understand how to wire my fans, and I understand that the amps of the fans (total) have to be less than the amps of the 12 ac/dc plug/charger. I've got a charger (or I am getting one) that is 12VDC, 1a. I plan on running two fans. I'm ready to order them, just want to make sure my wall plug will push them adequately. The fans are 12VDC, 0.35a. So...0.35 x 2 = less than 1, right? This charger will push two of these bastards in parallel, correct?

    I can't do math sober, much less all pied up. Thanks.

    ETA: Also, the connection for the fan says: "Connection type: 3pin and 4pin molex." I won't have any trouble wiring that to the charger, right? Just didn't know if that was anything different. I don't know wtf a molex is.

  2. [​IMG]
  3. The one on the right.
  4. yep you should be good. .35 + .35 = .70. Your powersupply will push 1.0 or 1000mA and you'll only be using 70%
  5. Awesome. Thanks a ton. Ordering now.

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