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Im retarded, I know...but is this an 8th?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Wuzzii, May 3, 2011.

  1. merrr, I know i should buy a scale.

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  2. Does it feel like an eighth? :) It looks pretty close
  3. Could be, depends how dense it is.
  4. Looks about right. Invest in a scale.
  5. hmmm.. I can't tell. Only way you'll really know is if you step on a scale, write down that number.. eat that weed, weigh yourself again.. and then subtract your original weight by your weed-belly weight.
  6. if its dense , id say more than an eighth.
  7. This isn't always true, but usually dank bud is dense. If you look at it and can tell it's dank, then most likely you got an 1/8th.

    If it's decent regs, then i'd say around 2.5
  8. It's def up there on the dank scale. Im a newb at buying, been smoking for 2 years though. I'm just that asshole who mooched off everyone else
  9. Looks very close to an eighth, from what I see.
  10. Looks like 2.5
    And if it's leafy squishy stuff and not dense you can put that at closer to 2 gs
  11. looks good to me like said above def get a scale bro they are so handy and they look so cool once you start getting weed sprinkles stuck all over it
  12. #12 DankDan, May 3, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Regs weigh more than dank.. if that were an eigth of dank, then that same amount of regs would be like 5g. Make sure to stay in the apprentice section.
  13. And OP, you got a good deal. Scale would do ya dandy though.
  14. Yup their there ( . ) ( . )
  15. Very well could be.

    I wouldn't jump to conclusions and think you got ripped off unless you got it scaled.
  16. looks close enough to be an 1/8
    i wouldnt mind getting that, depending on how much i payed.
    so how much did that run you?
  17. To be honest im only posting because youre a girl :D
    looks about right, hows it smoke?
  18. its either JUST on point or short.

    my gut says its short...seems like 0.5 or so short to me..
  19. I'd say so, yea.

    Bong it. Really conserves your weed.

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