Im really trying to let this go long enough. I see amber? One week and cut?

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  1. I see amber, cloudy and some clear. Flush and harvest??? Or go more? Theirs still white pistils coming out. But iu heard i cant rely on it. Its on day 58 of flower
  2. I suggest you take a bunch of trich pics close to the bud on a number of your buds, go wash your face, come back and look through the pics and see if on average the trichs are how you want them for harvest.
  3. It's more personal taste, and what you want out of your high; myself, I'd flush and cut at this point.
  4. Tbhis is a clipped sugar leaf quite new. So ill flush and harvest :) !!!!

    Here is the pistils worrying me but its popcorn. BOYS - I think were close. (Fuck.. on camera their not so white....)
  5. You know what illl let it go two weeks more. ftw
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  6. I would concur with that. Just check them each day, it isn't hard. If you cut to early you get head high energy buzz, possibly anxiety and paranoia. Let go, you get a head high, a body high, and a nice mellow ride. Strain dependent of course. I like to try for a good balance, but I would rather in almost every case, choose a mellow ride than an anxious one.
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  7. Totally right. Thats smart thinking.
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  8. Good looking plant all in all though

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  9. Thanks alot man. I put everything i got into this. Temp, hum, lst, hst, ,led, hps, mh, cfl, its got all spectrum's. So im going lights out for 48 hours. Lights out sat night. Monday chop. Temps in res and tent will drop to about 10-15c. EEEEEEEK IM EXCITED!

    I chopped a piece off from last week. Dank.... but not ready. IMAG0469_1.jpg

    Day 64 of flower last night.

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  10. Harvest 21-03-2016 Black - Golden berry
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  11. 100Gr dry. Very bad vegging on my part. And flowering initiation was done through a scrog with no previous experience. :( Its little sister is going to yield more. This Journal. (Little Miss Golden Berry - Indica Dominant)
  12. 15 percent is a good number. It will continue during drying and cure. What king of buzz do u like?

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  13. Sativa hit pretty much right off the bat. Id say it has a relatively low ceiling and if you try to hit it too hard you really couch lock yourself. Its a great one hit wonder for the morning. I just made the bho, same thing. Not a high ceiling, But sativa head rush. No face melting and sweating though
  14. Its a get up and clean your room type buzz. do something kinda high
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  15. Looks good man

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