I'm really sad about Paige on Young Sheldon

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    So I'm really stoned right now and looking for a place to vent about this. I don't know why, I was in the middle of watching a funny episode of Star Trek: Voyager (the one where the doctor has daydreams, it's hilarious. I recommend). But for some reason, my drugged brain is wandering to something sad.

    In the show Young Sheldon, there is a character named Paige who is a child genius like Sheldon. She and Sheldon have a complicated relationship, I guess one could call them frenemies. She has been a recurring character since early on. She had a very promising future but things have gotten bad. Her parents got divorced and she started becoming troubled. then she went to college and felt lonely and overlooked, so she dropped out. Her latest appearance was this past Thursday, where she goes to a college party and gets drunk (age 13 mind you) and almost goes off to have sex with an older college student but thankfully Missy and Sheldon stop her. I'm not sure where this recurring story arc is headed but I sense something bad. There was already a fan theory after her last appearance that the reason Sheldon never mentions her as an adult in the story makes him sad. I think promising young prodigy dropping out of the science field is already something that Adult Sheldon would think of as a tragedy, even if she ends up finding happiness in something besides science. It isn't for sure that this story is headed for a greater tragedy but I just have a bad feeling. Narrator Sheldon has not told us what happens to Paige in the future yet but he did tell us that he is still "not laughing" about the incident where he and Missy had to save her from doing something stupid. Is this building up to her dying by suicide? becoming an addict or criminal? there's no way to tell yet.

    So yeah, I'm just feeling really sad right now about what might happen. And yes, I am aware that it is fictional, she isn't real, but sometimes fiction hits a nerve. I guess because it is tragically realistic that sometimes someone with a lot of potential just spirals down a dark path. And sometimes that person's friends will look back on it in the future and wish they had handled it differently, they will wish they had known how to help but they were kids too and didn't know what to do.

    I contemplated calling a mental helpline, since it's 3 o'clock in the morning and there is nobody else to call, but I fear they will think I'm pranking them.

    Edit: I just realized Paige's last name is Swanson, and her actress also played Emma Swan
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  2. it's only a tv show Sheldon
  3. Therapy.
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  4. just like when tv started many oldie peeps watched the radio,
    now we have the Web, peeps still watch the old corrupt tv
    ..I was told its was trained into the viewer as a child being their parents had to work.

    being alone by yourself as this is, many can't tell the difference between truth and fiction,
    cartoon or real
    why not take advantage of your drug and go see real people, rather than hiding away?
  5. I love BBT but have never seen Young Sheldon. Heard it's good though. In real life his mom on YS is the daughter of the lady on who plays his mom on BBT.
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