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Im really fucked. I need good advice.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bply099, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. So I just got home. I was in the car with a friend and he got pulled over. I had less than a gram on me, about half a g or so. Basically the cop told me he wasn't charging me right there, and would give me a chance to tell them what I know. So it was either get charged there, or agree to tell them "what I know" (and still possibly get charged).

    The whole thing was really shady. The cop even told me to act like the convo never happened. Of course.

    What can I do here? Clearly I'm not telling them anything. But what if I actually have nothing for them? Is this even legal? I'm in Ohio, if that helps.
  2. The same way he's fucking with you.You can tell the cop to FUCK off.
    You can get in all the trouble you want with the police,but not on the street.You don't wanna get labeled a snitch,just because of that half gram.It's common since not to be stupid.
  3. I feel like we're missing something here. If he let you go with a "convo never happened" thing why are you fucked? Did you promise them something? Is he coming back expecting more? I don't feel like we have all the info.
    Cops will sometimes let you go just to avoid the paperwork over small amounts. Petty busts don't do them much good but if you can be bullied into giving him info that leads to a bigger one, that they'll take. General rule when dealing with cops is to be polite but don't volunteer anything, ever. They are allowed to lie and mislead in the line of duty.
  4. ^^ Yup

    the cop isn't the judge. don't explain shit to him. If he let you go without any paperwork then it's over.

    If he tries to come back to your house or something to blackmail you for info that's not legal. Don't be scared of the police know your rights.

    what is the penalty for a gram in Ohio?
  5. So you just became the cops new informant?
    If the said cop comes back to your house make sure you record everything.
  6. You turned informant over .5? 
    Just give them a load of false info. Send them to bust down an innocent neighbours house that you don't like. I kid I kid don't do that. APH gave some solid advice, have your phone set up to record so you can protect your self. 
  7. Go to an attorney...tell him EVERYTHING. Hold nothing time the cop rings you, tell him to speak to your attorney. This shit will go away FAST. Might cost you 300 bucks but youll sleep at night. Better call Saul.
  8. Okay, when I wrote this out, I was really tired and super flustered.  I'll provide some more information now.  I apologize for that.
    So, I was asleep in the car on the way home.  I wake up to police lights and a cop walking up.  Great.  After an initial exchange of identification and insurance and all he tells us he smells weed in the car.  I forked it up with no hassle, I knew lying about it would go nowhere.  So he searches me and all and has me sit in the back of his car.  He gets in and "fake arrests" me, reading me my miranda rights and crap.  Clearly a fear inducing tactic.  He then goes on a huge buddy cop attitude change.  He tells me he can do the paperwork right there, or he can give me a chance to contact some people and they'll determine if I'm getting charged.  Aka, I give them information or they charge me.  But given the situation of accepting charges instantly, or postponing things to combat it, of course I chose the latter of the two knowing I don't HAVE to say anything. He said if I don't comply, he can charge me for it later. They don't know that I even have any information in the first place.    The "this never happened" thing was directed towards me telling my friend in the car, or anyone else for that matter.  He even gave me a cute little wink when he said it.  I agreed I would take a phone call from his guys, but I didn't agree to tell them anything.  He was acting like he was doing me a favor by giving me the option to narc.  Over a fucking half gram.
    So, I was thinking that I could bluff and tell them that I don't feel comfortable discussing the situation further until I talk to "my attorney", or something along those lines.  If I have to, I can get in contact with a real one but money isn't something I have an abundance of, unfortunately.  Not really sure what I can do here.  Can't imagine pleading ignorance would keep them from ruining a life over a half gram of weed, because they're cops.  In Ohio, anything under 100 grams or something like that is a misdemeanor.  But I really, really can't have that.  My job, school, everything will just get decimated.  I'm thinking if I make it more trouble than it's worth to them maybe I can skim out but that's why I'm here asking you guys.  Thank you so much for any help GC.
    He let me go without any paperwork, but he said he could still come after me with it?
  9. tell him to fuck off if you ever see him again. take out your phone and record any future encounter with him (totally legal). if he says something about .5 from a week ago you don't know what he's taking about.

    are you female? the cute wink part sounds like police misconduct we're familiar with in San Diego.

    If a cop even slowed down my walking pace over .5 I'd tell him to suck my dick or charge me. But that's just a ticket in cali.

    this whole situation is loose butt hole. don't snitch on your dealer you chose to smoke and you got caught, not him.
  10. I'm no sure how old you are man but I'm from Ohio too and that amount should just be a minor citation, really nothing at all.

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    Snitches get stitches bro, For a half a gram take the heat. Its not the end of the world
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    Quote trimmed for space but I did read it all.
    I wouldn't have given it up myself, but I don't know the situation or if the smell actually was obvious. I have had cops accuse me of things I'd never done in my life just because they thought I fit a profile, so it's more than possible if you or your friend fit one to him that he was just fishing. But others will cover that stuff.
    My suggestion though would be this. Contact your lawyer if you have one, if not do a web search for Ohio Legal Aid. Free services might not be the best for an actual defense but they are a lot more likely to know Ohio law then we are unless we happen to have a Ohio criminal defense lawyer among us. If you're at risk and how much would probably come down to state rather than federal laws so you need local advice. My urge is to just tell him to piss off but a call to a legal aid hotline would probably be smarter and offer you more peace of mind.
    Luck with it.
  13. What you know in regards to what? Where did you get the weed? I found it on the street.
    "Officer, I'd rather get cuffed and booked than to snitch off my dealer"
  14. Woah guys, I'm not snitching on anyone. I'm wondering how I can get out of this without doing so. Sorry for the confusion.
  15. I highly doubt that if you weren't given any paperwork, and didn't sign your name on any citation, paperwork, and didn't get booked in jail that anything regarding this encounter will come up again. I think you're in the clear, cop was just fishing and being a dick. But I'm not a lawyer and that is just my opinion. Here's a link to Ohio's laws on marijuana.
  16. He said he wrote a report of it. He also then asked me to write a written statement "for his guys", which I refused to do.
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  18. If you got $500 sitting around then lawyer up.
    If you're broke record your conversations with the cop.
  19. What you say CAN and WILL be use against you in a court of law
  20. Just say you got it and it was yours. Dont be a pussh

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