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Im really desperate! Need advice.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AmmoBear615, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. I just recently moved from columbia mo. to wentzville mo. and have no connections plus! since columbia and wentzville are so far away i can only reup once every couple months what sucks even more is i can only get a half mebey even an oz. somtimes.. and its all bunk as hell.
    I dont like the idea of just asking random people I suck at spoting out stoners and everyone at my work dousnt smoke.
    so im really kinda fucked any help?
  2. Try a local headshop and make some conversation with someone looking at bongs/bowls and shit.

    Maybe try, it's a site that lists cities and place's most likely to score weed.
    They might not have your city though, but maybe somewhere close.
  3. Asking online for dealers isnt the best idea. Either your a cop or the other person is a cop. Just ask any 18yo lookin kid, If he doesnt smoke, chances are he still know someone that does.
  4. Concerts.

    Nearby University.


    Apartment complex.
  5. Just ask a random college student, "Hey man you know where I can get some decent smoke?"
  6. New again to Columbia, lived here over 20 years ago. Trying to find the "scene" is hard. I just want to see 1 high individual and I'll be happy. I know it's around it's just hiding from me );

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