im really depressed

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  1. for no reason, always have been. Recently, i broke out of the cycle with the help of shrooms, it was wonderful to be free.. But now its back. I cant get out of this mindset, i just dont care, i dont know what to do. There is no reason for me to feel this way, but because i do, i cant do anything to get better... idk if that makes sense... idk, maybe some of you guys know what im talking about... what a stupid post, flame away lol
  2. lol
    im surpised shrooms helped, usually being depressed + shrooms = a disaster.
    but im glad they helped for a little bit. maybe consider seeing a doc and getting some meds, i personally rather deal with it without antidepressants but hey, it could work for you.
  3. smoke weed. seriously..
    im depressed as well, my psychiatrist wants me to talk all these gay medicines for treating bi polar mania, but i dont like them. so i smoke weeed. and it makes me feel better. for the past 5 days i havent smoked at all to make sure of this, and around 1 or 2 days after i stopped burnin the feelings of hopelessness and other shit came back.

    smoke weed, you wont wana kill yourself anymore :)

    edit: or you could go see a psychiatrist if you want to go that route
  4. Find a hobby, make something of yourself. With depression comes effects, which in this case seem like you probably just are sitting around your house doing nothing, no girlfriend, nothing that makes you happy. Find something that you are very interested in, whether it be girls, guys or a video game, something new is always an upper.

  5. do you honestly believe i dont smoke lol... i havnt made one sober post on this site, and my credibility is being challenged :( lol

  6. my bad. i wasnt questioning you, just saying what i do.
    hahah well...are you smoking indica or sativa ?
  7. Defiantly agree with this. If you like sports get out and try to join a league, go work out or just go somewhere you can make new friends. Smoking weed can help you not depressed, but thats only when you smoke weed and you need something else to help you so you just need to stay active. I always try to think/say positive things to keep me going no matter the circumstances!
  8. sativa helps me the most obviously, but is hard to come by recently... ive been smoking mostly 50/50 hybrids

    the thing is, its not a momentary thing... i am on a swim team, and i want to make friends, but its not my nature to be talkative... you seem like a naturally positive person, or at least one who likes to decieve themself into such a state... i am introverted and it is hard to break that shell, not just hard, useless

    thanks for all the replies btw lol
  9. move to cali and get that medicann. :) haha.

    but yeah, i play multiple sports(diving/wrestling) and that doesnt really help at all with me.
    when im extremely depressed i dont even wana participate in anything, i just wana keep to myself and be alone.

    i reccommend you talk to someone homie. not neccesarily to get a prescription or anything, just to talk about how you feel, why you think you feel this way, and get a professionals opinion on what you should do.
  10. either you have a legitimate chemical imbalance which could be fixed by pills (anti depressants) or you have a cause for your depression and the depression is your symptom. it sounds like you are experiencing the apathy form of depression with the why bothers and not caring. i would advise not turning to drugs to numb you out. i'm an advocate for substances being used to help with problems but not to further a problem.

    i am really really introverted too. you know what my epiphany finally was? to stop caring or stop trying to impress. i always thought that i didn't care about what people thought of me but deep down i did. now i don't. that isn't to say that i wouldn't care if i really humiliated myself in public or anything but now i just talk about what i want to talk about and i'm sort of awkward and i have nervous habits and i just sort of "own it" now, to put it one way. you will meet people who think you're cool and if you run across a person who thinks you are weird then fuck them, you know? i'm 23. it took me awhile to get to that point. i used to have really bad social anxiety and just anxiety in general but as i matured i learned ways to cope.

    do you have a therapist? i've always had really good results with talk docs. you don't even have to spill your life story or anything. but they could help you with goals, even things to just not fall into a depressive trap. like force yourself to shower every day or to go outside for a half hour. little things that are so easy to not do when you get depressed. i fall into depressive traps sometimes and i have to force myself to shower and be a normal functional person. and once i do i feel a lot better. sometimes just going through the motions is enough to snap you out of it. sometimes it's not and then you have to look at the next steps.

    i hope you feel better. :)
  11. Welcome do the club, now imagine having it clinically it sucks ass.

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