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im reallly starting to hate how

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by afgooey, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. when u buy dank it goes so fast.
    bought 1.3 for 20 yesterday ended up killing half of it that night just to get on the fucked up level
    saved it till this afternoon then i smoked the other half just to get to that level for 2 hrs again
    im sure some of u guys smoke more than me or have a higher tolerance but i just wana vent bomb weed is pricey its one of the reasons i buy regs now
    i really feel bad for those guys paying 25 a g
  2. That's why I quickly dropped to regs. Can't beat thirty a quarter, just use a bit more and get on the same level.
  3. Thats why i decided to start growing, just a small tent, for personal use. Saves a heap of cash, and guarantees quality.
  4. i hate smoking all my stash. take more breaks. like 2 bowls and chill and feel how you feel bro
  5. ouchie those better be good regs
    i usually pick up "nick-nacs" which is a 5 sac its usually around 2gs but its decent regs it only takes u like 2 good bowls
    i can get a zip for 50 tho but ill just smoke it all in 2 days between me and friends haha
  6. fuck midgrade. stick with the heads brah. Join the GB mafia and conserve. haha
  7. Im a big fan of strong mids, beast. I have some inbetween shit and it splites the price yet does the job. Im looking at 40-55$ an eighth for real chronic.
  8. that's why you get dank regs for cheap and get a gram to smoke to yourself. Well that's what I do. It also helps if you have a job that pays you :rolleyes:
  9. #9 Sketchy Newb, Jun 4, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 4, 2009
    If I'm by myself, it takes me forever to finish a bowl out of my pipe. What I do is take a big hit, hold it for 5 seconds, exhale, and just relax for a minute or two before taking another hit. I like being able to assess how high I am between each toke, something that isn't possible if I'm furiously taking hits the second I exhale my previous hit. Just lean back in your chair and let the THC absorb into your bloodstream. When I feel nice and high after half a bowl/bowl depending on the quality, I can stop and save my bud for later. I've made a gram last me three days

    If you only have 1.3 g, try just smoking a little bit of it over a couple of days. Why get completely baked once or twice when you can feel nice and relaxed three or four times? Plus it gives you more days to save up to get another sac

    You should also try methods which help increase your high so you don't have to burn as much. Obviously, topping off a bowl with kief will send you to the stratosphere. There's also a thread on here that says eating an overripe mango 30 minutes before toking drastically increases your high. Do some research and see what else you can find
  10. so true. growing was the best thing i ever did...never had to buy a single gram in 2 years. never sold a single gram either so i never run out either. :smoking:
  11. If every user had a small grow this world would be a better place. People could use their hard earned cash to better their lives and not line the pockets of major dealers. If every person to get busted for weed then plead not guilty, the courts would be so overcrowded that the laws would HAVE to change, the justice sysyem would just get overloaded to the point where they would have to decide who goes to trial first, the bloke who smokes a bit of weed or the murderers/rapists/theives, you know, the REAL criminals.
  12. I can confirm that this works, but I heard it only works on lower quality bud. Have only tried with mids but it works for SURE. Just make sure its not too ripe otherwise you'll feel really sick after eating it....
  13. Lmao 'strong mids.' There is no such thing as 'strong mids.' That's a complete paradox, like 'dry water' or 'tall hobbits.'
  14. Get a vape, dude, or make a gravity bong.
  15. thats not true at all :/. Its no different how there is better dank than other dank you might have bought. a lot of mids are just crops of dank that either hermied or had a late male in there or something. Mids dont always mean bad genetics and shitty high, although i wont argue that they usually do.

  16. No way, you can only get so high on mids, then you start feeling burnt out, dank is a different high than mids. Not saying you cant get pretty high on mids. Its what I get b/c like OP said, dank is expensive and goes fast. Thats why I usually get an eigth of mids for 35 then me and some people split a gram or two of danks just for a couple blunts.

    Bottom line, Mids is for my personal stash, dank is for when I smoke w/ people.
  17. thats not true at all :/. Its no different how there is better dank than other dank you might have bought. a lot of mids are just crops of dank that either hermied or had a late male in there or something. Mids dont always mean bad genetics and shitty high, although i wont argue that they usually do.
  18. Ah but bro, if the bud is strong and perm with lots of THC then it's no longer mids and as such, should not be sold at mids prices.
  19. If you really want to save your money, don't buy dubs. Buy eights and more because you get a better deal with the price. Your not really saving money buying mids unless you have super low tolerance and or don't like getting too high. For someone with tolerance, it would easily take .5 to get a moderate, whereas, a .15 bowl of dank will get you on th e same level, if not higher.
  20. find a couple friends to go in on higher weights, you save a shitload of money. normally a quarter around here is 110, but if you split an ounce four ways, you get a quarter for 75.

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