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I'm quitting...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tvayumat, May 26, 2010.


    I recently started toking on a regular basis, and my more lucid thought processes while high have led me to really examine how much I smoke tobacco, and realize how addicted to nicotine I really am.

    I don't want to die of cancer or get emphysema. I'm tired of being addicted to a government subsidized poison!

    Has anyone here quit ciggies? Any strategies?
  2. I quit them from cold turkey, but that only helps if you can smoke a lot of bud to replace the cigs. Some of my friends have quit by the weaning off method. No matter how you do it, congratz on quitting the cigs man, first step to a much healthier life. :hello:
  3. ive recently quit cigs (have the occasional 1 or 2 if im out and about). i quit cold turkey, the first couple of weeks you feel like fucking ass. ul cough more then you have before, basically ul just feel shit and crave alot haha. but if you stick with it keep ur mind of it youl be good. no real tips i can give you just my support. dnt use any of these nicorette gum and patches and stuff. quit cold turkey and just remember in a few weeks time youl feel better then you have before :)
  4. I can toke up freely.

    Right now I get about 1.5k disability a month, and have nothing to do but wait for the fall semester to start. I only pay about $200 in bills every month, and have no other required expenses. The wife doesn't care that I smoke, she used to toke a LOT so she actually helps me with advice.

    I have a super low tolerance, and I think I might just try smoking a bowl anytime I get a craving for nicotine.
  5. Ahh man you got it made for the time being. Yes a bowl once that craving sinks it should help you. And by the time you cash that bowl you should be feeling way better than after a drag on a cig.

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