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Im quitting weed forever...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by yoshiv2, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Yep that's it, i've finally had enough of smoking weed.
    My dealer is away this weekend so i've been without MJ since Thursday night (sunday now)
    I thought to myself ''what's the point of getting more when he gets home, i am just drained of it all''
    I probably haven't smoked for that long compared to some of you guys.
    Been smoking on and off since i was 16 (24 now) i'm day 3 of quitting a 3 month daily habit.
    Weed is a very powerful plant and can be a fun experience without a doubt.
    However i realise ultimately weed has always made life worse in the long run.
    The cons of smokings far outweigh the postive effects.
    Other reasons
    - I think i have addictive personality, i am very impulsive and can't seem to keep to habit in check even when i have no money or other responsibilities.
    - It turns me into a selfish arsehole who always puts my habit first.
    - Sick of having scrounge up money i don't have for a drug i can't afford.
    - No more sneaking around behind my GF & Families back, i can finally be myself with her again.
    - I can breathe better
    - Dealing with dealers, relying on them to have weed or be home. Feeling like a snivelling bitch who is always chasing weed. Really damages my self respect.
    - Focus on my 3 year daughter
    - Spend money of things that matter, not some fleeting high that makes me feel worse in the end.
    - It makes me depressed and makes my anxiety worse sometimes.
    - Not being able to sleep when i'm dry.
    - I can think clearer
    - Perform better at work/school
    - Instead sitting in a shed sucking on a bong, i am spending time with my family
    Been getting a few withdrawals from irritability, mood swings, insomnia, night sweats, cold shivers, nausea, anxiety, etc.
    It's getting easier and easier, i know MANY people are highly functional users of MJ and good on them.
    That ain't me though as it isn't good for my mental health and i can't be an occassional smoker.
    Anyway thanks for reading and happy toking! :metal:

  2. Godspeed.
  3. My younger brother has schitzophrenia, does that run in families?
    I hear MJ can bring it out in people which scared me abit
  4. Well you do make some good points....... good luck to ya!!Sent from....... wouldn't you like to know. Probably your mamas house.
    Thanks man
    I should mention my GF thinks i quit around a month ago, little did she know i was still smoking secretly. (until now)
    If she found out again i would be left all alone, would probably take my daughter away.
    My dealer won't be there with a bag of weed when i'm upset and alone, my family will always be there though...
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    Legal states...
    none of these posts seem to come from them.
    Sobriety till Legality! :D
    but really, respect your willpower. and stick with it. 
    i've gone a week without smoking.. after 3 years of it straight...
    but i'm in paris.. so not much luck finding any haha
    Haha i live in Australia, not much chance of weed being legalized here.
    Our drug laws are quite strict, though weed is the most widely used illicit drug here.
    For the record, i am for the decriminlization of weed but i'm not sure if putting into hands of everyone is safe.
    Could it trigger more car accidents from unexperiened users trying it once it's legal..
    Alcohol should illegal if weed is though, sames goes for tobacco.
  8. more power to you... and yes i think schizo runs in the family if your lil brother has it you may be at risk... but since youve been smoking off and on for a while and it hasnt come out considering you now in the onset time period you may be fine... better safe then sorry though......... your family should always come first
    I feel like i've been experiencing a lot of depersonalization from smoking so much. Like i didn't feel like me anymore..
    I don't even feel like smoking, i reckon i would have a panic attack if i did.
    My mum is also so an alcoholic so addiction is in my family.
    Even though weed is a very tame addiction compared to booze.
  10. Something happened to me from when i had some weird anxiety attack high (was having a flashback), i havent smoked for 5 months and still feel the depersonalization/derealization, it sucks. Ive abstained from all stimulant waiting to get my head clear again. Some times taking a break from things is the best
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    Sounds like you should treat weed as more of a... treat, than a fix, or just quit weed. Get an online bank account. I get more dopamine and seratonin depositing a fat paycheck into my savings account than I ever would from hitting the dankest green.
  12. It looks like my dealer going away for the weekend could be a blessing in disguise. :hello:
    I feel really empowered from not caving in, hope he don't get pissed that he lost my business though haha.
    Even though this current habit has only been 3 months (i've smoked daily for longer before)
    It was quite heavy (2 grams a day) and that's probably excessive any way you look at it.
    Worst part about today is the anxiety & nausea, can't really eat much but gonna force myself to eat healthy.
    Good luck to anyone else on t-break/quit attempt, like others have said burn the weed but don't let it burn you.
    I will never frown up weed, as in many ways it's safer than drinking and is great plant for many reasons.
    It just ain't for everyone
  13. that sucks. but uh good luck
  14. Probably for the best man, anxiety is one of the worst things in the world.
    Unfourtnetly weed can trigger it for many people.
    I had to quit caffiene once (only drink 1 coffee per day/cola) as that made it worse as well.
    Be careful if you return to the herb, i started smoking again back in early october i hadn't smoked in 5 months and had the most terrifying panic attack ever..
  15. My emotions have been a bit haywire tonight but i feel good and confident i'll never smoke again.
    It's like a switch in my brain just was clicked, this time last week i LOVED and thought i needed weed to be happy.
    It's a fake happiness, being happy naturally is a much better feeling.
    Anyway i was just getting a bit paranoid & anxious, my dealer said before he went away ''catch up with ya early next week''
    He probably just figured i would keep coming up nearly everyday to buy weed.
    He has probably made 700-800 dollars off me over the last two months.
    Now he seems a pretty nice guy and i've known him awhile but not exactly friends, he used to be my neighbour about 4 yrs back.
    Do dealers normally get angry if you stop buying or tell them you quit?
  16. It's good that you are letting go of your habit when it is clearly negatively affecting you. Of course it is not the weed that is doing it, but your abuse of it. Nevertheless, it is a wise decision to quit. In the future, you may decide to resume using, but RESPONSIBLY. Or maybe you will decide that life is great as it is, and so there is no need for it. Good luck. If you get cravings for it, it may help to have an activity that you do whenever you get tempted, such as meditating, doing push ups or playing video games.
  17. Yeah it's not for everyone, no point if its only negative.

    I'm the the opposite, I achieve way more when I smoke on the regular.
  18. you'll be back, 
    :laughing: yes it does but if you've been smoking 6 years i think it would have manifested by now. Most cases it starts showing in young adult hood like 16-24. If you had it i think it'd have shown up. Weed cannot and will not ever cause schizophrenia.
  20. #20 yoshiv2, Jan 19, 2014
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    Yeah thinking back most people i know who smoke or used to, weed has effected their lives in a negative way.
    Thinking back my weed use hasn't made my life better once, it's only caused problems in the long run.
    Don't get me wrong the high can be wicked and i;loved sleeping like a baby lol but it's not worth it anymore...
    I could go to work stoned and do my job fine but only if i knew i had weed to go home to.
    I never got any **** done around the house, i was just content being numb and stoned all the time.
    You see it was a viscious cycle for me.

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