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I'm Quitting MMJ Take a look why - Migraines

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by mrsoft47, May 15, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,
    first order is cheers & thanks for all the advice and help ( I mostly read but when it came to those little noob questions you guys came thru +rep 2 all:hello:)

    o.k THis started 6 years ago - when all hell broke loose and I went from being a hero to zero (Self perception is always a little distorted;) ) Life was good, I was a marketing student and then out of the blue sickness

    Unexplained Nausea - every morning around 6am - 8am
    neck pain, lumbar pain, Fibromyalgia, Peripheral Nueropathy (tingling fingers)
    Always stressed

    That 6 year living hell doesn't include the torment the quacks put me through..... I'll let you imagine, anyone who has any chronic illness knows what a run around quacks can be..... nuf said

    MMJ was as much a help for a short period during this time as any prescription, in fact better, Only it would touch the pain, but it made me paranoid/ panicky, but I am ever so glad I was able to find it and get relief.

    Anywho it's been worse and worse to the poin of in the last 5 weeks I went to the ER's in a couple of hospitals for chronic abdominal pain, super nausea etc

    They CT'ed me, X-Rayed me asked the same bunch of questions four out of five visits. I went to a different hospital in my city and went through the routine.

    It wasn't until about an hour or so that I started to feel better, the pain killers were kicking in. So I mentioned oh BTW since you guys are clueless as well, I use MMJ.

    The doc's bias was so blatent that even though i've been in pain 6yrs he blamed it all on MMJ. I was irate !!! I'd been using for on and off mostly on - for only 2 yrs........

    Anywho they finally diagnosed me with abdo migraines!!!!!!!! look it up you might find relif from your mystery illness too. now I don't have the constant nausea and we have found trigger (My LCD and especially the CFL's - which is ironic 'cause when I was growing I would get a headache and then bad stomach etc.... but I never put the two together...:rolleyes:)

    So While i'm not using it now I thought I would try help others who could have a mystery illness that could be Abdo migraine....
    or just migraines in general.........

    hope this helps someone


    Hope this help someone
  2. So why are you quitting mmj if they found your triggers to be lcds an cfls
  3. How confident are you in this diagnosis?
    From what I quickly read about treatment, anti-nausea meds and painkillers were mentioned. Sounds like a job FOR mmj. ;) (Although I have never had panic issues, so no idea there.)

    I dunno... I have Crohn's and all the symptoms sound like that too. Or yeast proliferation. Or IBD. Or... ??? I might look for a second opinion. Its nice to finally know, but things like this are not usually diagnosed in one trip to the ER. :cool:
  4. Honestly dude, that was a pretty incoherent statement. Your doctor probably thought you were a dumb pothead. Haha but the thing that kills me is your nausea being caused by cfl's/ lcd's hahahah what did you do fucking stare at your lights and tv all day?
  5. Its all in the mind....if he thinks quitting weed will help, it will
  6. Meh... epileptics can have any number of things trigger a seizure, so lights of a certain frequency for migraines is definitely not out of the question. When I would get them as a kid, bright sun and food related items caused migraines for me. It was mostly the food, but the sun would set it off if I was outside a lot that day.

    Speaking of food.... what of your diet, OP?? Any attention focused there? Food Intolerance/allergies??
  7. Well, he'll just have to read that over and over as he's writhing in pain then, won't he? :rolleyes: Stupid post.
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    This isn't any better. No contribution to the topic at hand whatsoever and much more likely to give someone a headache.

    OP- I don't understand why you don't just find a grower instead. If growing gives you headaches, don't give up mmj and switch to highly addictive and harmful pain killers. That just doesn't really make sense to me.
  9. If growing gives you headaches, That just doesn't really make sense to me.

    haha edited the quote for my response
  10. so you stop smoking and your taking pain killers instead? :confused:
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    Lol no problem dude. The lights are giving him headaches and it's kind of hard to grow without lights. So, growing=lights, lights=headaches, therefore growing=headaches. That's how it makes sense. :cool:
  12. Sunglasses in the grow room?
  13. Ignoring the thread cause.. well it's dumb, Post, do/did you play wow? I ask cause your avatar.

    K, well back to the thread. Umm..... huh? <--- Yes that's my response, didn't contribute at all, la la. :)
  14. Haha ik im just like emphasizing how growing is in no way an activity that would cause a headache although in his case it does(inadvertently though)
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    Abdominal migraines are very rare in adults and most likely seen in children that have a family history of migraine. Not saying you don't suffer from them. It could be rare due to misdiagnosis and the years it takes to get properly diagnosed. The only reason I would get a second opinion is this diagnosis is diagnosis of exclusion and a rare one for adults even within the population that suffers from them. I sincerely hope that you are able to find relief from your condition (it sounds like you have found something that works). I found that tinctures were quite effective for symptomatic relief migraines once they occur. Since I get an aura I can try to medicate right when it starts. I don't smoke since that requires inhalation. Holding my breath in general can make it worse for me.

    Cannabis isn't contraindicated in migraines. Here is some information that may pertain to that next time you come in across a resistant physicians. The only way to change the medical establishment's bias toward MMJ is through evidence based medicine. That is where peer reviewed journal articles come in. If your doctor honestly can't read the literature for whatever reason find another one who will. The evidence speaks for itself. 1-2 journal articles (primary source with the actual abstract, methods, results and not a news piece written for the general public) printed in hand may be your best defense against ignorance. That being said everyone is an individual and I am glad you have found relief and answers.

    Here are a few links from Granny Storm Crow in reference to:

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    "Marijuana use at the onset of his headaches consistently brought complete relief within five minutes of inhalation for each attack" - NORML

    Alterations of the endocannabinoid system in an animal model of migraine: Evaluation in cerebral areas of rat ( abst - 2010)
    Alterations of the endocannabinoid system in an an... [Cephalalgia. 2010] - PubMed result

    These were all compiled by Granny Storm Crow

    ***Any reputable physician that is well versed in narcotics and migraines would agree that narcotics will make your headaches worse with continued use. It does this by a number of mechanisms. Some that involve reducing your own stores of endogenous opioids, the destruction the part of your brain responsible for processing pain, and changing your hormone balance. The problem with narcotics is that you can't increase pain control will increased use. People will up their dose in order to attain more pain relief with the misconception that more will help. There is a finite level of pain control you reach with narcotics and increasing the dose only increases the cognitive impairment and autonomic nervous system depression. You probably aren't in this situation. For me narcotics only gave me rebound headaches. Best of luck and congrats on getting your illness figured out.
  16. Holy crap! Just googled abdominal migraines. This describes exactly what i'm going through! The cannabis helps the nausea a little, but not much. Taking Zofran like it was going out of style. All sorts of tests and scans with negative results. "Don't see anything wrong." Derdaderderp!!! If i'm vomiting 2-3x a day, there's something wrong imo.

    Thanks for the post! idk why you'd stop smoking, but to each his own. At least i have something else for the specialists to investigate.

  17. hey thanks man, I didn't really care what the op said, but he/she prolly hasn't ever had 6 years of pain. Either / or I was only trying to help. Also It was 5 trips to the ER in 4 weeks with no abnormalities in any test

    Also I'm pretty confident in the diagnosis this time, everything fits the diagnosis, so as long as it works i'm happy once again.

    And as for this being the place to post? If you take the time to read the list of ailments MMJ helps, Migraine, Epilepsy etc It follows that if it really is MMJ and not just MJ (I used to get called a pothead etc but people don't understand) we are using MMJ until we get a cure for whatever ails us or are you just smoking to get toasted? hmmmm

    I did both at times and it was better than anything the doc could prescribe, but it also didn't help other minor things.

    The point is this - I needed something to get better, MMJ helped. ABDO migraines take years to diagnose in most cases. So I thought hey help out a fellow brotha/sista (yep gagsta spelling;) ) because trust me

    when Ur sick you'll try most things - I mean take me for an example.
    If six years ago someone said hey you might want to get this checked because it's actually quite difficult for a quack to find......... I would have jumped 4 joy - if it was the cure that is...

    Peace out hope someone with 'mystery' headaches and GI tract problems gets some help...

    oh yeah why am quitting? well simply put, as said in the first post I got a cure, heck I wouldn't take Aspirin for no reason and I treat my MMJ in a very similar way....... so I'm quitting coz i don't need her now........ but it was fun (sometimes):D

  18. Well I guess If I can't get the migraines totally under control W/O a bunch of pills then i'll be back to it, but i'm confident it can be managed W/O pills... The closest thing i've been able to touch that resembles a pain killer for the past 4 years is paracetamol hence the MMJ - opiates make me AAAAAAAAAANNNNNNGGGGGRRRRRRYYYYYYYYY - so conventional pain relief made my pain impossible for me. Tho MMJ should be classified as conventional

    I think the choice to give up is just a personal thing, I don't give a crap what people think, it just matters to me.

    Still tho, glad I might have assisted someone

    Peace out;)
  19. And thanks again. Gotta do what's right for you and ignore the nay-sayers. They aren't in your shoes.

  20. Taking Zofran like it was going out of style...I feel you on this one. Chronic nausea and vomiting are so taxing.. So many things won't show up on scans and GI symptoms are so nonspecific. They didn't find out the source of my problems until I mentioned something I saw elsewhere. They had no reason to look in that direction due to my age. I hope they can find some answers for you soon.

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