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I'm Quiting MJ

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PIPSI, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. yep its been the best time ever these last 6 months that ive been smokin but i gotta quit (voluntarily) cuz i gotta get into top shape for football im cashin off the last of what i have 2nite and 2marro (bout 5 grams) by myself

    and no its not the end if im offered at any time i will definetely hit it and i wont leave the city you all are too cool
  2. man, i kno plenty of football players that smoke weed, shit i have a friend that went to practice drunk once, but hey some people cant handle weed and maintain a decent lifestyle, sucks to that
  3. its not 4 good im just not gonna keep buying and smokin everyda for me its hard to run when i do it alot and thats no good cuz im a RB and when i ran my 40 just a few days ao it was a 5 flat and when i wasnt smokin i was runnin a 4.8 so im gonna cut wayy down maybe only to like 2 times a month for awhile as opposed to how i am now doin it 1 or 2 times a day

  4. It's in your head man, weed + running = not too hard. It's the cigs that kill ya. SMoking weed a few times a week does nothing to hinder your football and overall athletic skills.
  5. hell yeah man.. i played REP hockey and had people on my team that smoke reefer every hour on the hour... and they would lap me when we would do dry land training... i smoke pot, im just not good at running... its in your head... all weed does is makes you less motivated

  6. If you let it

  7. true true
  8. I would like to think that Marijuana has increased my stamina, but that's just me.
  9. i would say! mj makes me hungry
  10. hell if you run enough and don't smoke a hell of a lot even cigs won't kill you.

    <~~~~former cross country runner and wrestler. I ran every day for nearly 8 months out of the year. Then, I'd stop and get lazy for a few months before having to get ready for sports again.

  11. not in every day fashion.... in sports though, its fuckin tough runnin while burnin haha
  12. i think its just harder to run because if you smoke everyday its slowly lowering the capacity of air that can go into you lungs.... not overall, shit i can hold my breath almost 3 minutes underwater, but when it comes to running, like say a mile, i get winded easier cause my lungs wont take in oxygen very rapidly.... take deeper breathes while you run, and syncronize your breathing to your running, and you'll do fine...
  13. I smoke every day, and I play basketball every single day....I have tried quittin MJ, but I really get in worse shape because I cant seem to eat enough. 2 bites of anything will make me full and that just isnt fun. I am 6'2" and wiegh 200, I would really like to add more muscle mass and MJ allows me to eat A LOT of food. As long as you exercise and lift, you will be fine, just dont abuse the MJ

  14. thats how i am too, when ive gone a weke without smoking, i seem to have really fucked up eating habits, like ill be hungry at 3 in the morning, then again at 8 the next night, and never really get enough nutrition throughout the day.... and im 6' 6 and 230lbs, so i usually eat quite alot of food... the key is to drink alot of water when you eat.... ;)
  15. I could never cut down on my smoking.I just want to wish you good health and success.

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