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Discussion in 'General' started by JRilla, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. Ive smoked many joints in my day. But, to be honest, I never rolled one myself. Ive sttmpted, but right from the get go, I knew id fuck up, and just said fuck it! :D

    I had some papers here that my freind gave me, and decided to roll a nice joint. They were strawberry flavored papers! :D

    So, I made a little mouth piece from paper. Rolled up the joint, and started to b-laze. It wasnt a very tight joint, but it was a-o-k.

    So, I lit that beat, and was suprised its going good.

    I smoked that son of a gun straight to me head, and its magical!!!:D

    I got some more weed here, and some mare papers. But, ima blaze the resy of my weed in a nice metal pipe.

    Happy smoking all!!! :D
  2. man the first time I rolled a J I was a fucking master--
    some people are just naturally good at rolling joints and shit.

  3. nice and metal pipe shouldnt be in the same sentence
  4. why? depends on your taste. i love smoking out of my pipes, especially my metal one. my first pipe was metal and i probably just got attached and used to it. either way, my preferred method of smoking is through a pipe. i make joints occasionally, when i don't wanna risk carrying things and take just what i need. like yesterday. it was good...
  5. it took me a while to learn to roll a decent j. just keep rollin

    as for pipes, glass is the way for me
  6. It took me forever to learn to roll joints well. I could always roll smokeable ones but it wasn't until recently (about 3 years after I started rolling) that I became able to roll good ones all the time. Get a glass pipe man, metal ones take away from the taste... my first pipe was metal too but I wasn't very attached to it.

  7. Same here it was awesome like none of my friends knew how to roll and it was hella tight burn hella slow and since then I've been a master at blunts and J's
  8. Nothing compares to a pyrex bowl. I bought one at a tattoo shop, it's my main bowl, it's nice and thick, looks pretty (orange with thick blue spirals,)won't rust, doesn't need a screen, and doens't get very hot. and it cost me $30 I love it, i'm trying to come up with a name for it. I've smoked out of several metal pipes before, and they all got real hot real fast, it sucked, but, like that other guy said, everyone has different tastes
  9. took me about a week at the most to learn how to roll a joint...i roll like a king

    too bad i cant roll blunt yet...but ill learn soon, ive only tried once
  10. everyone can roll joints essentially, it just depends how tight and loose it is, some people roll ones that you have to hold level or else pot will fall out, others, can roll ones that you can rotate all directions and nothing will fall out. the way i do it, is to roll it as tight as possible, then put one hand on each end, and lick the whole joint, then twist one had back and one forward to give it a twist motion, and set it on a shelf or something and let it dry overnight, it'll be nice hard and tight - not the only tight thing i'm addicted to
  11. heh, i remember the first time i started to roll j's that didnt blow up on me mid smoke.

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