Im probably an idiot but here goes anyways

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  1. aight first off i know absolutely nothing about growing, i picked up a few seeds from a friend of mine and figured id plant them off in the woods and see wut happens. started out with 4 seeds, 3 sprouted, 2 survived. i went on a massive vacation this summer so last time i knew they were about 4 inches and one of them looked alittle yellowish. now its 2 months later and i havent got to get out to see them yet. last thing i did was chuck some miracle grow on them.

    think theres any chance at all they are still alive and even if they are if they will survive? they are in a nice spot thats real secluded and gets alot of sunlight.

    just wanna kno if im gettin false hopes
  2. anythings possible it likely they survived, who knows....onnly way to be sure is to go check the site out =D
  3. yea im visitin it this weekend, dare to dream right
  4. I hope you didn't mean like a handful of miracle grow crystals. lol But if you did, they have been burned to death.
  5. i may be new to this but i aint stupid, i mixed the miracle grow right. anyways i saw them yesterday and they both survived but weird thing is they are still really really small. when i left they were about 3-4 in. now one is maybe 7 and the other is 6. theyve been growin for two months and thats it? guess i wont be harvesting this year.
  6. Since you've already proclaimed you know nothing about growing, why are you surprised? Wherever they've been planted is probably far from ideal growing conditions. Tiny buds are better than no buds.
  7. The more you read the more you're going to realize how little you do know about growing. Miracle-gro fertilizer sucks! You can make much better, and organic ferts cheaper yourself which will compliment nature rather than destroying her.

    You don't know the pH of your soil, nor have you told us in your post what type of soil it is or wether you bothered to use a type of potting soil. Your soil could be really good and have a lot of nutrients or too little of one and way to much of another.

    How much water is your plants getting? By the sounds of it probably not much and how much room did you dig out for your plants roots?

    Have you considered investing in some real fertilizers like earth juice?

    A lot of your questions already have well written answers which can be found on this forum as long as you're willing to take the time to READ READ READ and READ some more.
  8. all right all right i dont kno shit, i had no idea it was so hard. i just wanted free bud. dont think i care enough to go through all that work
  9. Dealer: $60/3.5g
    Homegrown: $0.01/g

    Think about it.
  10. Woah $60 for an 1/8th thats ruff. $20-$25 is a bit more reasonable.

    and you have to say growing good weed is going to cost more to produce than a cent a gram.

  11. is $25 is more like it not 60 lol.
  12. Im not around enough to grow hardcore but i would like to very much my plants are in the woods too and i only attend once a week do u guys think these things will yield anything.

  13. Last time I did the #'s it was $7.00 per Oz for us Indoor ;)
    Outdoor was free :D
  14. Miracle Gro is just fine for outdoor plants, provided its not the only basis for nutrients. Its a fine additive for watering. Nothing beats a proper soil mix though.

    As for the OP, sounds like they are starving for correct nutrients, ph, and sunlight. Scout some new places for next year ;)
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    Dealer: $60/3.5g
    Homegrown: $0.01/g

    Think about it.


    Last time I did the #'s it was $7.00 per Oz for us Indoor ;)
    Outdoor was free :D</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

    7 bucks for an OZ, I would like to see that!.....can you be my new dealer? your name Alice? know from Alice and wonderland, cause 7 $$ per Oz that’s something I only dream about. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>
    Either u live in Amsterdam</st1:place></st1:City> or you and all your friends are all mass cultivators, who are very generous.<o:p></o:p>
    Either way I’d buy that for a buck or seven.
    Peace and Pot.:p
  16. I think he is talking about what it cost him per oz to grow ...
  17. That's a drag, 3-4" in two months growing is just crazy. I'm not sure what sort of prep you did on your garden spot, but I'd sure rethink what I did if/when you grow any more. Also, Miracle Grow is pretty good stuff (IMO) but it is made to be applied on a regular schedule. If you're going to plant and forget 'em I'd recommend a slow release fertilizer like Osmokote. The resin that contains the fertilizer will slowly dissolve over 3-4 months releasing the nutrients.

    Here is my plant at about two months from seed.

    And here she is after 3.5 months

  18. Wow. Its one thing to be a dickhead, its another to be a dickhead because you cant read. He said the cost to grow an ounce indoors was $7.00, jerk.

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