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  1. I really think that I am allergic to marijuana smoke, because when I smoke it I get really fucking red eyes, like from taking one hit. Secondly, I hallucinate alot when I get high and I am seriously worried that I have a psychological problem that the marijuana aggravates, because sometimes I get full blown hallucinations like I am tripping. Also, since about the time that we started getting this new weed, I have been having alot of flashing colors in my peripheral vision, and I seriously see people that aren't there out of the corner of my eye, and when I turn it will be a pop machine or something. After saying all of that, this all started happening after I decided to quit my dxm addiction, which was basically a huge binge spanning across 1.5 weeks, in this span of time, I fucking ingested anything with dxm, now that I think about it I really do think it did something to my brain, because just as I type this I can make myself totally disassociated. Every time I smoke weed I feel like I am really stoned and I drank 8 oz of dxm, it is getting really old, I just want to get high....I don't think I am allergic to marijuana, because the red eyes thing happened after my dumb decision to drink dxm everyday for a week...Don't get me wrong, dxm is a fucking amazing drug, but if you do it too much, it fucks with other drugs you take...For instance, I recently took some ketamine, and I was really out of it, and after the 90 minutes were up, I went into a fucking dxm trip that lasted 16 bullshit
  2. Sounds like me when I first started smoking. First, the red eyes are natural, dont worry about that. As for the halucinations, I dont have an explination other than you either smoked really good weed or a lot of regular weed with a very low tolerance.
  3. well, I actually got caught, so I was off the pipe for about a month (that is when I started using dxm). When I got back to smoking with my friends, this guy had his new batch, and IF it is just the weed, it is insanely potent, because even on erowid no one reports open eyed hallucinations. Like I saw a plastic back turn into a drawing of Albert Einstien right infront of my eyes. Also, I live in the city, and as we drove by the capitol, it grew to amazing heights and shot up threw the clouds, my friends thought I went crazy because I was trying to tell them what just happened, and I wasn't making any sense I guess. I also have constant closed eyed visauls, at this point I would be very surprised if I smoked and I didn't have a closed eyed hallucination. I did have a positive theory about this, maybe doing the dxm made it easier for the receptors in my brain to release chemicals when something joyous happens or when I am ingesting another drug. I am going to stay off dxm for now until I know what is going on. As for the eyes, they are pretty bad man, I feel like a pussy compared to my friends when it comes to smoking.
  4. It's got nothing to do with weed. It's Dxm and Ketamine.
  5. If you think you are predisposed to some mental condition and cannabis is bringing it to the surface I would suggest you stop smoking it. :) Talk to a doctor and see what is said. Perhaps you have a really low tolerance and that is all. One important thing to always remember, is you are in complete control of your high. Whatever you think is what you will feel. Feel comfortable, confident, and positive, and your experience should be the same. Hope this helped. If you do feel like there is a problem, then seek some help d00d! :)
  6. I am pretty sure you are right about controlling your high, my friends say the same thing, and I tried to think I was more high than I actually was once and it worked pretty good.

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