im pretty upset about this

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  1. so i had this buddy for a few years, was real cool with him, he had a house in the neighborhood next to my families so i would go there all the time. he would always buy me alcohol for me and my gf to get wasted, and would always front me anything i wanted, at any hour or day. he really had a pretty big impact on me. he was 6 years older than me, and he had 2 kids. when his girlfriend/kids mother and he broke up, he moved back to his parents really far from here. this was about a year ago. so for this past year i didnt really get to talk or chill with him much, and he was in jail for a while. anyways, about 2 weeks ago i call my voicemail to check it at my crib, and got a message from him telling me he had some xanax on deck and to call him back. this was about 9pm when he left the message. so the other day i google his name to see if he has a facebook or something, and well....i found his obituary. he died the night he called me, of an overdose of that xanax, and vodka. damn. its so weird. hes the first buddy ive ever lost. and i feel so bad for his 2 kids, theyre only 5 and 1.
  2. Wow... thats a really sad story... luckily you didnt get the message and take the xanax. it makes me sick when i here of someone taking hardcore drugs when they have to young though.
  3. omg that's really sad. sorry to hear that :(
  4. Good man die yung.
  5. wow, that sucks big time
  6. yeah i forgot to mention, he was only 26...
  7. Xanax isnt hard, when taking pills you just have to be safe with them and not be retarted.
  8. Im sorry man im sure he is in a better place.

    and yeah good men die younge

    i lost a friend called nasser 3 weeks ago he was studying in cypruss and came down for the summer vication to bahrain while on his way fishing they flipped over with the car nasser and seif passed away and farouq is actully was in the hospital

    he was the first person the influence to play guitar i cant say we were friends but he called everytime they jammed :( rip
  9. xanax a heavy drug? No, not at all. If you actually know how to take correct doses and not mix it with alcohol, your fine.
    That sucks though, I'll smoke a bowl for your friend tonight.

    EDIT: I smoked a huge ass blunt with some people tonight,
    and we smoked the blunt for youre friend. All of my friends
    send there condolences youre way man.
  10. My old dealer killed himself playing fucking russian roulette.

    russian roulette? i still cant get over the stupidity...he was a great, intelligent guy.. i just wonder what he and his buddies were on.

    he wasn't a really good buddy though so i cant relate but i know what its like to lost someone close, keep your head up and live on in his honor.
  11. Wow, sorry to hear that man. sucks. I spose nearly any drug becomes more dangerous when alcohol is involved. It must been awful googling for his facebook and finding his obituary
    My Condolences.
  12. sorry for your loss man, what a shame, smoke 1 up in his memory and reminisce about the good times
  13. Fuck, 2 people I know were murdered in cold blood tonight and another person I knew got shot.

    Now there's one, possibly two psycho ass maniacs running around the woods of one of my best mates house. I'm not going to know anything until he stops texting or tells me they're dead.

    Scary situation.

    I feel for you bro, hopefully I don't fall in the same category tonight.

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