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I'm pretty sure I got high this time. (HELP)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bayrider, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Alright so yesterday was probably the fifth time I have smoked but this time I actually got high. The way we smoked was that a friend of mine was rolling up a joint but I guess their wasn't enough weed so we just made a hole in a water bottle and stuffed the joint in the hole and lit up the joint for like 10 seconds and then the bottle filled up with smoke and we were all just cherrying it. It was like hot boxing a car but instead a bottle. So I took two hits from this but my first hit was pretty big, I inhaled in A LOT of smoke and I held it in a little and while I was holding it in It was coming out of my nose (is this normal?) and then I just blew out the rest, then I was coughing a shit load, and after I stopped coughing I took a smaller second hit and I felt like I was done. After that we were walking towards my house and I started feeling very slow, like everything just took more time for it to happen. And when my friends talked to me I kept on saying, "wait what?" or "What did you say?" Or just randomly giggled and started walking the other direction. I felt really dumb. And I just stayed outside walking around for like a couple hours with a friend and I was still feeling the shutter effect in my eyes and my head felt dizzy and different. My eyes were red and small too. I finally went home after a couple hours or more b/c I was kinda scared of getting caught by my parents since it was the first time I was feeling high, but I just want to know if this is what high really is? and why did I feel so weird like I couldn't really control myself? I felt like I was drunk lol. And now its the next day and its been like 15 hours since I smoked and I still feel dizzy like. My head goes side to side very slowly and I'm feeling non sober yet. Does this happen the first time? and will I feel like this when I smoke again? and should I take smaller hits instead of big ones? Please help me out guys. Oh and my friends were fine besides one of them who was stoned as fuck b/c he was smoking the whole day but he's an experience smoker. Could it have been the weed? please help guys.
  2. C'mon help me out guys.
  3. maybe you got high from inhaling toxic fumes from burning the plastic bottle. or maybe you have early onset schizophrenia.

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    Sounds like you got pretty high hahaha... But yeah you can definitely control yourself so much more once you blaze on a somewhat regular basis. Just enjoy it while it lasts, because once the time comes where you can control yourself, those awesome beginner highs where you get blasted and don't even know where you are usually begin to fade out as well, but that's when it's time for a T-Break!

    Oh yeah, and keep tokin... I guarantee the next time you blaze up will be the time you fall in love, everyone loves their 2nd time because that's when most people get the highest! (Myself included, lol)

    My 2nd time consisted of me eating all the halloween candy in my friend's refrigerator, then laughing until my skull hurt then falling asleep hahaha :D

    Post back here if you ever end up blazing again, would love to hear how you like it!

    Edit: And to OSUB, this is a common way to smoke where I'm from so idk why you're acting like that's so weird lol... Inhaling plastic one time won't kill you, I'm pretty sure we all have used a homemade bong before lol... @OP, we call it a roachanator (sp?) where I'm from, definitely good to use to get very high with a small amount of weed.
  5. This shit = ridiculous.
  6. You got kinda high imo. If I was you I would smoke longer. :)
  7. hahaha i usta do that with bottles with my friends hahaha great memories thanks for bringin them back
  8. how in the fuck are we supposed to know if you got high or not... wait hold up.. did you get high?

  9. I thought you had to be 18 or over to be on this forum?
  10. OSUB will eat your face.
  11. I don't even know how to respond to a comment like that, lol.

  12. this is good.
  13. like kobayashi!!!

    [ame=]LIKE KOBAYASHI - YouTube[/ame]

  14. You're still dizzy and shit cuz you're burnt out, eventually you won't really have this unless you smoke a lot, and i mean a lot. Everyones first real high is different. My first high was really controlled compared to most people but just last friday i got my friend high for the first time. He didn't handle is very well and didn't know what was going on. Just gotta calm down and remember you're in control and that you're just high with friends.
  15. lol I remember the days of bottle bongs in my friends garden. Used to get us mashed.
    Don't think I could go back to doing shit like that again, I like chilling with a spliff watching stupid stuff on tv or youtube too much
  16. Stop being a baby back bitch.
  17. If you have to ask, you weren't high.
  18. U Got high bro i remeber those times lol jus treasure them now cuz after smoking for a while ul never get that feeling again
  19. It's normal my friend. That was your first time high and probably the highest you will ever get, if not one of the highest. Next time take smaller tokes and wait a while in between hits so you know when you are starting to get high and how much more you want.

    But yeah, until you start blazing on a more consistent basis your highs are going to be really intense, almost hallucinogenic.

    You'll be ok.

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