I'm Pissed.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by canyouspellthis, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. I bought a new glass piece from weedcity.com.(I was stupid and should have bought from GC.) But anyways the main reason I bought from them is because of their 'Discreet Billing'. I have a debit card that my parents can see the statement for... So it says it will show up as 'CAWNS' or 'CAWNS-Blackpool' on the statement. Well after I bought it I look at the statement and I see 'Weedcity-Blackpool'.. How fucking discreet is that. :(
    I'm pissed at them, and I have no idea what i'm going to tell my parents.
  2. Tell them you bought some herbacide. To kill weeds...yes..yes..they'll have to believe that, it hangs together perfectly... :D

    (Last night's family guy, if no one caught that)
  3. man dude, your fucked.........oh well....your a good freind haa
  4. i bought a nice little pocket peice from grasscity.com (srry for advertising for somebody else) and on my debit card receit thing all it said was edit i thought that was prett cool and descreet. OH and the packing is very descreet just a plain box
  5. dude, i bought a bong from here last summer (R.I.P. cuz i stepped on it while i was on 1200mg of dxm) and i'm pretty sure it just says SJ on the billing statement or something similar

    my dad gets my statements to cuz i still use the debit card from before i turned 18 when he had to get one for my account
  6. how are they gonna check your bank statement anyhow
    If there just scanning through it and see something worth $500 bucks then they would check it out for closer detail.
    The bong would have costed what? $10-$40 bucks?

    Tell your parents to mind their own beeswax mate.
    your bank statement should be your personal buisness.

    If your parents are tools and demand! that they see it.. then good luck to you bro your on your own..

    But remember one thing..

    you gotta fight!

    for your right!

    TO parrrtey!!
    now go git stoned on your new bong before it gets taken away from you
  7. Just say hmm I am not sure what that is. I have charged a lot of stuff and dont remember any black pool items... just act really confused and concerned.

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