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  1. bought an itouch (on impulse possibly?) because i need an mp3 and hear they're dope. We'll the 8gb is out, so i have to fork out an extra 100, alittle erked but no biggie. Go home pumped as hell, open it.... defect. two white dots on the screen turned off and bottom left is scratched to hell. I call, they can't give me a new one tonight. Oh, and I bought the last one so what the fuck are they going to replace it with? a raincheck so i can order it online and pay shipping or wait till they get more in stock, fuck that. I'm demanding cash back, I'll call corporate infront for them and take my business elsewhere.

    This is after returning 250+ dollars worth of clothes, a $200 home theatre system .bought one for $300, went two shops over and saw the same one on clearance. I picked it up (meaning I bought both500$])... come home find out its a slightly different moddel and decided to keep the more expensive one... which i didn't really get any more back cause it went to the most fire dro imaginable, so that payed off itself. I was going to put it in the other room and they didn't even want it.

    Right now I hate shopping... I've gone the past 3 days to the mall. (daytona 20min there, 20min back) and not i have to back again to return that iPod. Plus im still considering returning the plasma for the LCD, but im really injoying the plasma. When I move out this will be perfect for the chill room then ill get a small 1080 forgaming


    need advise

    Now MP3 wise, since im returning the touch is there any other recommendations? someone said just got for the iphone but I want my phone and mp3 to be completely different things, not to mention i dont want to get caught up in the iphone plan plus there are a lot of new cool phone coming out lately. I just like the touch cause it looks so clean. I can't describe my rage when i saw how fucked up it was and that I got the last one

    whats the hot mp3 now? ZUNE would be cool but I live in a small city so I won't be able to snoop in on what people are listening to too often. I was only gunna get the pod cause they have such accessible car ports and my home system has an ipod doc.

    TV Troubles
    I got the PC port to hook the PC to the TV, only it starts up, then cuts out and says it cant that mode or something althought there is a PC slot and PC input. however it works with svid and AV. I'm thinking maybe i need to change a setting so my comp knows to go the TV instead of whatever port. BUT when I plug the PC cord in it shares the same as the AV and can't run multipul things on the same imput. Hmmm, I think there may be an extra.

    If its not a comp setting its it the order of plugging things in and turning them on? cause thats how i've got it through trial and error for a little now.

    maybe ill work on the tv when i sober up tomorrow.
  2. i have an ipod touch 8gig its kickass, pretty lame yours didnt work, mine has the replacement plan but without that added on it was only 50 bucks because i had the replacement plan on my old mp3 player from best buy that cost me 250bucks for a 4 gig samsung ypk5 and i went through 2 in like 7 months, just the kind of thing where one time it worked shut it off didnt drop it or anything and it wouldnt turn on again... happened twice. the first time they replaced it because it happened so soon and the second one was going to use my warranty and after that it would be considered a used mp3 player and i wouldnt be able to replace it if it happened again... it happened twice so i figured its genuinely a shit mp3 player and asked what other options i could do and instead i got store credit for the price that i originally paid for that mp3 player... so for an extra 50 bucks i got my ipod which is crazy awesome.

    all in all this has nothing to do with your topic except you said ipod and i have one so sorry. But i would recommend givin the ipod another shot. I hate promoting ipods because i hate them... but the touch is pretty awesome, cant lie.
  3. Yea, i got it from super walmart, doubt they have warranties, if anything i regret not getting on my TV, if it's not too late i'd like to try and buy it now, only had it a couple days. If they don't replace it ill get cash back and buy it somewhere else, most likely best buy or online with a warranty. Maybe neweggs got ipods, gotta look around.

    Im not hating on the iPod at all, never owned one so I thought I'd go pick since you usually get what you pay for. It works, but I'm not going to get a brand new one with a trashed screen Whatever happenend it was bad handeling on their part. I'm kinda worried they're gunna fuck me on this one though.

    I have a rescept and everyhing, don't think warranty will matter, but I don't know. If it's a defect they should have to give me another one.

    I really need help with hooking my PC to my TV though. I looks like regular monitor cord but its two ways.
  4. not big enought, plus i like the touch's psuedo internet, pretty sure its moddible too.

  5. 8gig flash not big enough? They're bringing out a 16gig one soon supposedely, saw it on a web blog a few months ago, so I'd imagine it won't be long, altho' a quick websearch didn't bring up any results.
  6. yeah... on the iTouch, i saw it had safari... what gives? does it have the net?
  7. When I got my iPod from wal-mart they offered me a warranty with it, but I figured I wouldn't need one becuase nothing would go wrong. Well a couple of months later it was really messed up and wouldnt work right. So I brought it to the apple store in the mall, had to set up an appointment online before going in, but they'll check out any problems for free. Well come to find out I had a failed hard drive, so the guy takes the serial number off my ipod and looks it up in the system...all iPods come with a one year warranty automatically. He just went out back and grabbed me a new iPod and I was all set. Find the closest Apple store to you and go check that out. I wouldn't deal with Wal Marts bullshit.
  8. Go to a different wal-mart location which has them in-stock?

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