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  1. I'm not as mad as I was... But I was irate yesterday. My dad found a pot of plants in my room on my windowsill. It was mostly my fault cause I knew he wasn't sleepin but still decided to check up on my babies. Next thing I knew he was in the doorway and I had a pot with about 26-30 seedlings in my hands. I think I'm mostly mad at myself because I just wasn't careful enough, this isn't my first set of plants. Theres still 5 pots in my windows and a handful of plants in the woods, which I started in my windows. So I was just seeing if anybody had stories of plants getting found. Anyone to share the pain with?
  2. Shame on you! Your dad should be the one pissed. You have put his freedom into jeopardy by growing in his home without his knowledge. You have also put his home in jeopardy. Trust me, LEO does not care whether there are "innocent parties" involved. If you get popped, your parents have a good chance of going down, too and also losing their home.

    Bad form.
  3. they wont take your home off you, and obviously if the parent and son/daughter both say that the parents knew nothing about it then they cant prove that they ever knew.

    most youl get i recon is a fine, they only want serious criminals to go down they dont want to lock up kids for growing a plant.
  4. I'm sorry, but you are wrong--This is one of the most naive comments I have read in a long time. Growing is a felony in many states with a MANDATORY jail sentence. And if you think the cops are going to take the word of kids as to whether the parents knew or not...I'm ROTFLMFAO
  5. lol your the idiot do your research........ the only way a cop can find your marijuana is a tip or a smell or sight of it. they will not send the swat team to your house if they don't have reason to its only pot the only classified drug thats not a felony my friend was raided by the swat team because he had assault with a deadly weapon charges thats the fucking swat team he spent one night in county and got out and drove home to his house with his girly hmmmmmmmm hes looking at no pot plants and a couple fines hes still chillen in his house <font size=12> stupid!!!!!
  6. on another note if your plants are even slightly concealed then your parents don't have fault its not there responsibility to search the fuck out of your room or wherever..... any simple minded judge would agree with that a guy named justin got caught with 200+ diamonds tooty frooty and k2 plants hes still at his house blfglhdflgkhdfskljghdfskjghdfksjlhglkdjs do your research or have personal experience before you talk shit to someone
  7. Shit I was just seein if anyone had stories about their spots getting busted or found. My dad wasn't that mad I mean he knows I smoke he knows I grew last year. I only grow outside I just start them indoors where I can control watering. Last year he found just one of my plants and simply told me to get it outside. I live in a safe spot, no neighbors for about 2 miles and woods all around its impossible to get busted out here accept by my parents.
  8. expect by your parents :) Just thought i would change the subject. but yeah that dudes right plant isnt a BIG ass deal.. There not gonna waste there time to get the swat team dogs send the whole gang bang to go raid a guy shouse for a couple plants.. they got bigger things to worry about like coke and crack stuff that you can actualy od from and die from... yeahh THOOOOSEEEE THINGS..... people make weed such a big deal.. maybe i guess it depends where you live. but i live in the ghetto. Nobody cares...
  9. Like the D.E.A is gonna kick down someones door for 3 and a half sick plants growing in cups under cfls. LMAO
  10. Just like if you were driving a car and a passenger dropped cannabis under the seat to avoid being busted...You are responsible, if it's their house they are responsible.

    Don't grow in somebody else's house without permission. Bad form.
  11. It does not take the dea to bust a non-medical cannabis patient and in most states cultivation is a felony, if 30 seedlings are seen in a windowsil then yeah you could totally get busted and then they'll know where all the plants around your house came from too. Also to whoever said the cops got more important things to do like bust crack houses, you only wish. And at least in cali if you get busted cultivating or manufacturing any drug they can take your property and assets. Don't do it in mom and dads house, thats my opinion.
  12. All that shit is the extreme end of criminal prosecution for growing. Has anyone heard of plea bargains? Ha, a trial for plants. It aint gonna happen unless it's a huge grow op.
    Lily white suburbians...lol have no idea how the criminal justice system really works.
    It is still NOT a good idea to grow in someones house without their consent.
  13. while i dont reccomend growing in your parents house....police really cant do much...can police seize a house that has marijuana growing in it??? of course....but they must prove that the owner knew what was happening...growin weed is a c felony or a d felony i forget...but if you dont have any priors and a decent lawyor hes gonna plea you down to an a misdemeanor...unless your running a big grow op then you might get a couple years...but if u cant do the time dont do the crime:cool:
  14. ... and keep your eye on the sparrow. ;)
  15. First of all, what a complete lack of respect for your parents you have. And second, as some you has been in the system and in prison, the only thing that would save you from a prison sentence is if you are a minor. Otherwise the cops will arest you and the DA will press charges nagainst you and the home owners(personnel expierence here) they WILL I repeat WILL take your families home. You are correct saying the cops are looking for suppliers and if you are growing then guess what YOU ARE A FUCKING SUPPLIER. I never grow in ahouse where other ppl live that arnt involved in the grow. Also I would rather go back to prison then lose the rust and respect my father and family have for me. Next you just start a fuckin meth lab in his garage you dip shit. Oh yeah, and plea deals do not work with mandatory min sentencing where i live its 5 years. thats why they call them MANDATORY. before you even posted on this site you should open a book in the library or check out the norml site Know the law before you break it. I dont put anyone at risk for something that you are doing especially family. I f I was your father I would have beat your ass then kicked you out. I bet he doesnt even make you pay rent.

    I am sorry for some of the harsh things I have said but this REALLY pisses me off. You should be ashamed of yourself:mad:
  16. Its only mandatory if the Feds prosecute the case and 90% of the time the Feds let the State pick it up because its only a small fish. Once the State takes over, the case can be plea bargained.

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