Im Pissed!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by KB_124, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. really need to vent here, luckily i came to my computer before someone said just one wrong word to me. two weeks ago i had to quit my work because of a mistake that was made and i was blamed for it. (Found out later that it was in a way my fault) Being very low on money i took it like a man and admited i was wrong, and asked for my job back. Even throughout the incident i have always been cool with my manager. even when i quit i told him he had 2 weeks (didn't technical have to but it wasn't my manager i was pissed off at, it was the head cheese at main office (I work with a chain of 13 locations in the state.) So my manager said he really didn't need the time and it was up to me. I walked out that day. payday, two weeks later (today) i findout that they took my bonus check because i quit, they don't have to, it's at the manager or district managers discretion. Now im cool with my manager, so i believe him when he said he had nothing to do with it. District manager = Shithead who must die. Chipmunk looking motherfucker. So now i am packing my last bowl so i don't blow up in someones face. have $0.00 to my name.
  2. Dude that really sucks.

    You looking for another job yet?

    Sending all my good karma and gonna pack a bowl in yer name :D
  3. Thanks for the Karma D9_THC, I think it came in use last night. I'm glad i have some good friends that will help ya out when your kinda low. Ya know what i mean? Oh well, im kinda over it now, i mean there really isn't much i can do about it, going to smoke the little bit of resin i scraped from my bowl. Im gonna have to stop cleaning this and let it build up, but i kinda prefer it clean..
  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger buddy!

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