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  1. So Friday morning I came back from a vacation with some family members, friends and other close family members. During our time me and my friends met a group of a girls a little bigger than ours, long story short, I met some girl (both 18). Only problem is.... She lives around 70-100 mins away from me.
    Normally, I'd never have feelings like this and what not, but every time I want to see them and especially her, I can't and it just puts me in a terrible mood (I can only text her, which I've been doing non stop)
    So what the fuckkk should I do...? I told her I'd try to go down every weekend, but even then that's hard.
  2. No one has any advice?
  3. Go get her if it means that much to you. Move. Love is all powerful yo. If its that kinda feeling.

  4. I left out the part that I don't have a car, it's just a fucky position to be in
  5. i think you should still try to start to build a relationship with her and work towards being able to see her.
    however, i don't think it was a good idea that you made all these promises to a girl to go see her.
    as a girl myself, i'm pretty sure she might've got really excited about that. so i think you need to be upfront with her and tell her its going to be difficult to see her often but you want to try to make it work, or something like that. :smoke:
  6. what happened between you two when you were vacationing? are you looking to date this girl or just get it in, or something in the middle? long distance is really difficult, especially if you are starting that way. I have a friend who dated his current girlfriend for about four months before moving away, and they've been together for a few years, so it can be done, but it's pretty tough.

    how often are you actually going to be able to visit her? do you have any public transportation near you? you could try giving a friend gas money to drive you out during a weekend
  7. take a train down.

  8. I caught feelings down there and she did too, but she doesn't know about long distance and I don't either. I want to go down there to basically figure everything out, and I can visit her whenever really, I'm planning on it this weekend, since I live with my parents I can't rely on them since they're busy this weekend. It's only like 42 bucks to take a train down, and like 35-40 to drive, so I'm debating on arranging something with friends.

    Shits confusing.
  9. wait a lil bit until u stop crushin on her, then figure out what u want. been through it mad times before, that pussy can fuck with your mind.
  10. take a train bus or taxi (some form of public transportation) if you really wanna see her
  11. find a way to get to her man.

    70=100 mins isnt really all that far in the grand scheme of things.

    and if a friend is willing to drive you thats prolly only like 30 bux gas if they dont drive a truck lol

  12. Yeah I figured like its 40 bucks to drive down which is the shortest way, or 40 ish to bus/train down.
    It's not that far, but I'm not going to be able to do that like twice a weekend or even every weekend :confused_2:

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