Im picking up seeds and looking for breed suggestions.

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by abrahamx, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Posting here cuz this is really the only section I visit but will post in another section. Im buying new seeds and just looking for the latest hottest breed.

  2. a lot of the folks here seem to go for stuff that is offered or similar to what Mr. Nice has. not many of them go for the hot popular strains. There is one though that many have really liked that is newer is Ice River Genetics strain called Grapefruit Baddass. huge nugs and very pretty. i bet a search on here will get you some fine results. many grow it in the organic grow journals section.
  3. Ace or CBG get my vote. Mr. Nice as well but they are pricey. I've heard good things about mandala too.

  4. Anything from Ice River, plus you can poke the breeders here with questions
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    Quite familar with them as jerry is righ in my neck of the woods(about a 45 minute drive). Has been a year or more since I last visited the forum and was not sure he was still selling. Last I checked the website was taken down. Im also well versed in mr. nice. One of the best. I failed to mention I am looking for fem seeds. Organic section is usually the only one I visit. Just wanted to post in a busier section.

  6. you should remove what you said. things have changed drastically around here and you could get in big trouble.
  7. could you elaborate as to what I should remove and what has drastically changed around here without my knowledge or being informed on any such changes. I sincerely would like to know. Or point me to a link. I really could care less but I guess I will try and entertain the city.
  8. It looked like you said you bought seeds of Jerry fr your wording. However I believe you simply meant MrNice Seeds.
  9. I have never traded seeds with anyone including local friends. I only have ever bought from attitude seeds. I know of jerry because I know he lives near buy from previous posts. I don not know him personally nor have I ever met him. I just know from being here for 6 years that he has a good product. I have been growing for 30 years +6 months and know the market fairly well. Like I said. I have been off the forum for a year and only want to know if there is some new killer strain out there that I dont know about. Sometimes there is, sometimes there aint. I dont trade or sell anything, I legally grow for myself with a license from the state of MI.

  10. I understand. I edited my post, I meant a year since I last visited the forum, not Jerry.


    GLG is right in your state. They have a large selection of Bodhi seeds,anything from Bodhi is good.

    Hope this helps.[​IMG]


  12. Really? That link looks promising. Thanks alot for that.

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