I'm outta town, death to my babies?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mranderson, May 26, 2003.

  1. I'm outta town for like 4 days. I watered 'em thursday and its sunday. I got a friend to go over and water them, but apparently hes a dumb ass, so he hasn't had a chance to get over to my house. (he lives at the other end of the street) I don't get back till tuesday, are they gonna be dead when I get back, they're only 8 days old and are under a 250 watt HPS. This is my first grow, I think I'm gonna go cry now.

  2. got the friend off his lazy ass, every thing is fine, he says they're about 7in and its 80 degrees

  3. HIGH All, worried were you mranderson...I would've been too!!

    Maybe next time rig up a few gravity fed lines to your babies. Get a 5gl bucket and drill a few holes in the bottom...get some connecters to go into the holes, get some drip emitters, connect the lines that'll go to your babies and you can go out and not worry.
  4. You usually water every 3 days, I can't see that they will be died when you get home, your friend on the other hand is a different story!!!!!
  5. haha, thanks guys. Hopfully I won't have to rig up a 5 gal. bucket anytime soon, but I know I have one lieing around for next time I go outta town. Found out that when he called me the other night he went over there with his girl friend. long story short, he said the only thing he thinks he forgot was to flush the condom. I'm gonna stretch the damn thing over a bat and beat him with it... (sorry, I've been dry since thrusday) Thanks for your help guys.


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