Im out of marijuana. :C (First real high STORY)

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    So my friend brought some really dank pot(pretty much first time smoking), and he had a nice half bag full, so we split it at my house, up in my room. So once we started, it took a good ten minutes to feel anything... I had thought my friend bought fake weed, he didn't. So I got baked off my ass, couldn't really talk, could stand up, and everything was looking like it was seen from above my head. And that was only from one small bowl in my steam roller. So filled it again; smoked again, pretty typical story. Now the funny stuff happens. We were trying to tell stories and stuff, and we'd always say "dewwwd" while whispering. Don't know why. I also one time, knocked on my wall, and my friend thought it was my mom or dad, and started freaking out, while I was laughing my ass off! xD. So after we hid everything, we went to sleep. The next day, he had to leave at 11:00 AM. And we woke up at like, 10:30, so he pretty much had to get everything ready to go. Before he left, we split the weed again(It got mixed when we hid it), and both of us saved it for later. About an hour later, my parents were asleep for some reason, so I thought why not smoke another bowl? So I did. That time, I got higher that I did with two bowls. It was crazy. I got really hungry and thirsty after that, so I decided to try and act normal and get stuff. As I sneakily snuck past those snickers I sought after something sexy, some MOUNTAIN DEW BABY. and some sandwich but i put honeymustard, instead of mustard on it for some reason. it was gross. Smoked another bowl, (last bowl) and didn't really feel as much, probably because it was a 10/90 tobacco/weed mix. Only thing memorable from that high, was my head being all zingly. I also felt like I was on a boat, like the usual.
    Now, I sit here in my room; a room in which persists of a marijuana like smell in the air.
    i got high with a friend, with dank weed, now i am out of weed, and i want more weed.
    why the hell did i even post this.

  2. Should we make new posts every time we get high? I understand you are new, but it really isn't necessary. Not nearly as bad as some of the low class newbies talking about "munchies" and stuff though.

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