im on week 7 flower and i think i just ruined the crop

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  1. Hello all has been going good untill today, i messed up and my girls got an extra 3 hours of light so they will of had 15/12 by tomorrow. have i just ruined it? will they even notice? has this happened to others (a few extra hours light) if so did they notice any changes? thanks
  2. How many weeks do you have left. I'm assuming they should be fine if it was a one time deal.
  3. There 10week strains 70days. i think i will go a few days extra to help. so do you think ill be ok?
  4. Just put it back to 12/12. They will be fine. I'm actually running 13on/11off right now. I was reading about a few people cheating and giving them more light in flower then 12/12. Apparently you can get away with up to 15/9off and still flower with some strains. That is walking the edge though. 13/11 is a safe number. The more light the plant gets in flower the more potential for big buds.

    It takes more then a few hours one day to throw them off. You can also do a 24hr or whatever length dark period to get you back to whatever light on time you want to have. That won't usually effect them negatively if done one time. Many people do that at change from veg to flower.
  5. Only time will tell my friend. I've done it a few times I left mine on 24hrs once turned out fine. Keep on keeping on
  6. They will be fine
  7. The length of the dark period is the more important of the two. As long as that is 12 hours the plant won't realize what happened at all.
  8. nice well i wont mess the time up again, im glad they should be fine, 10weeks is a long wait im doing reserva privada kosher kush and BC bud depot G.S.C its my first run with them.
  9. No biggie

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