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  1. wow. colors, prettyness stuff... lol. i'm sorry, i just ate almost an eigth of shrooms... really good ones... 'cause i've been tripping for like 6 hours now. wow. the clock says 12:qq and no that's not a typo, it's really qq. lol. i walked like a million miles today, got my thumb slammed in a door, and had heavy stuff dropped on my foot. wow. i'm really high. i also smoked some danks and some regs. we did gallon bukkets w/some regs and the danks. wow. i'm shroomin... lol. anyone still with me? i didn't think so. if you guys want to just delete this go ahead... just me ranting on about being on shrooms and my day at work. lol. peace!

    RMJL this one's for you!
  2. Cottons, You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Enjoy your trip, man!!!
    You gotta tell me all about it later!!!!!
  3. Each color contains a packet of infomation which ever color you focus on will gradualy yeild up its information if you cocentrate on it enough. I use a color coding arrangment of positive, white, red, black, yellow, violet, and for negative, blue, orange, green, brown, slate. By choosing a combination of colors from the positive and negative I find i can ride the tube on one wavelength. I've also found ways to crosslink to differant levels of the spectrum. Usually i have a fistful of information to fit into words but sometimes I use a Bowl to slow things down a bit. For LSA AND LSD I use a differant color code.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  4. shroomdity boomsbooms are shrooms
  5. I've noticed nubbin's posts get more and more nonsensical as time has gone by...
  6. and yours appear to be more factual as time goes by......

    i think nubbin is humpin the ice cream man......
  7. no see here's the deal...

    I always post during two certain times..either right after ive woken up and im pretty sober...or late at night when I get home from hanging out with friends and im pretty fucked up...so all my posts are either helpful and make sense..or theyre just loads of verbal diarhea...the end

    That's a damn good way to put it NuBB's!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I totally agree!

    (....psssst...Normsy Poo....you "think" NuBBiN is HuMPiN' the Ice Cream Man??????..........what the hell is this surveillance for if we don't reveal the truth?.......damn, I forgot about blackmail......nevermind......)

  9. well, thank your RMJL... you too, as well, rock!!! my trip was WILD... i started off at my friend don's house. we did bukkets of regs, then smoked a FAT blunt... then i went and got the shrooms. took them, knocked out some bukkets of danks (all bukkets are gallon sized)... then the fun began. it started with the trails, then moved to the colors... ahhh, the colors... around this time it's been dark for a little. now i have to go walk to tom's house (like 3 miles away) tripping my butt off trying to figure out if i went down the right road or not. i decide to take it one step at a time (determine which way to walk, then pick out a point where i have to make it to before i go down another road). i didn't know where i was most of the times, and i couldn't really see much of what was around me. i had to keep touching things just to make sure they were real (all the while talking to myself as if i were a bunch of people... like "hey mike, we're really stoned... "why?" "cause we're on the shrooms" "yeah... do you know where we are?" "nope!")... after about 3 hours of walking i make i to tom's house only to forget why i was there. then i reached in my pocket and go "oh yeah... here's your dank" man... if i could only describe the stuff i saw... it'd put fantasia to shame... when i'd run to cross a highway it was like i was floating and my legs were made of mushrooms... and i was kinda halfway burried in the asphalt that was green and liquidie... cars were just headlights... man was i high, lol...
  10. sounds like a blast..I still have a quarter ounce of shrooms on me that I never used this summer..maybe around christmas time ill pop some caps....IMO the best way to trip is to time it so you're outdoors during daylight but you get to watch the sunset and then experience the totally differen nighttime trip...smoking bowls occasionally seems to help also

  11. that's a good idea. when i get shrooms next time i get payed i'm gonna try that... then i'm gonna go see signs if it's still in the theatre... or maybe fantasia :-D
  12. I am sooooooooo jealous, Cottons!!!!

    The way you described you legs and the asphalt trips me out...I love it when everything liquefies..and touching things to see if they were real...it's like I see things for the first time ever when I trip because things seem so different.

    Hey NuBB's, I am with you on the daytime thing. I like the way your trip changes when it goes from day to night. It's like you go twice, almost.

    Cottons, I'm glad your trip kicked ass!!!!!!!!!!!!;)
  13. butter goes good on just about anything

  14. Do you think butter would make NuBB's verbal diarrhea more bearable?
  15. i happen to trip out at nubs verbal diahrheanehahahehahahea....however th ehlll you spell it.....BUT......i happen to have lots of verbal diahreahaheeaa too....sooooo.........yeah.butter all over everyone.
  16. IGotheCottons was on shrooms and i missed it?!?!?!

    i'm jealous too, but glad you enjoyed them immensely, as well should be the case.

    hope ya'all are enjoying the weekend already!

  18. aw, lol... sorry i didn't tell ya ganjaphish... next time is going to be on 9/13 FRIDAY THE 13TH... woohoo!

  19. Yeah..I especially enjoy the different colors of the sunset right as its going down on the horizon...at the beginning of summer I went on a camping trip with a bunch of friends, and we did just thta..we went out to the beach and found a sand dune that was easily as tall as a five story building..then we watched the sun set in the ocean off in the distance...it was cool because the horizon created this mirage sort of thing that made it look like the sun had already set..but then ten minutes later ANOTHER sun set...quite beautiful while tripping....as the bright sky turned from a bright blue to a purple to pink to black and then the stars and moon coming out, every new color or light brought on a new mood..shrooms are awsome AMEN!
  20. AMEN!!!


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